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Real-Estate Have you ever thought of owning a timeshare property? Timeshares are a smart and within your means way to buy a property in your favorite vacation destination. By purchasing a timeshare, you can actually lock the price of your yearly vacation for a long time. With some of the timeshare properties, you can also build equity. Interested? Buying a Timeshare is a good idea, but it is not that simple. A special business goes around with it. So, if you are planning to get a timeshare property for you, it is important to make out whether it is right for you. Thus, before moving out to buy a timeshare, you must read this article till end. And know the very basics of timeshare along with the major points you must know for buying a timeshare. First Things First, What is a Timeshare? A timeshare or vacation ownership is your right to use a vacation property. The use here is for a particular time period. Timeshare property is generally purchased in weekly increments. You can buy timeshare for a part of the total cost as .pared to possessing a vacation home. For instance, the timeshare ownership rights for Kauai beachfront condo can be divided in 52 weeks. For 52 weeks, each buyer will own the condo for different weeks. All the owners possess sure rights to stay in their timeshare property by sharing the costs. Timeshare is purchasing the right to use a holiday property for a set period in each year, for the least period of three years. It can be bought anywhere in European Economic Area or EEA. The consumers have least rights to protect them from corrupt sellers. They have a minimum of 10 days cooling-off period. They can cancel the contract in this time frame. In UK, the period of cooling off is about 14 days. Timeshare sellers are not allowed to take deposits before or during the cooling off period. They have the right to obtain a brochure and also to get a written contract that sets out basic info on timeshare property in a language the buyer is familiar with. You can find many timeshare related products that are not related to the timeshare law. As a result, the consumers cannot enjoy the same rights and protection such as, holiday club schemes, resale of timeshare, timeshare of floating vessels like narrow, pleasure and house boats. Why should one own a timeshare property? There are many interesting reasons why one should own a timeshare property, specifically the vacation timeshare. You can have your timeshare property in any destination you love. If it is a holiday spot, you can have an awesome reason to spend your memorable holidays with your family. It can be your beautiful home away from home. You can keep it fully furnished with .plete size kitchen. The ac.modation in timeshare offers many rooms and better amenities than the surrounding hotels. The annual maintenance costs of a timeshare property are shared within all its owners. The management .pany supervises it. It keeps you free from all the worries and inconveniences related to owning a vacation home. The best part is that you can pass it on to the next generations. So planning to own a timeshare property already? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: