Is it a love story again The new caricature of the author of puppet love will be published in Octobe-isobuster

Is it a love story again? "Pseudo love" author new comic in October published "pseudo love" is a very popular welcome cartoon works, it is not only beyond the "package" I "S girl" King "and other works, but also become the" weekly Shonen JUMP "in the history of the longest love cartoon series. And the author of "puppet love" has become famous cartoonist. His new book "engraved with" will be published in the "youth JUMP" on GIGA in October 20th. Ancient flavor Naoshi new "engraved with" is a 50 page short comics. We can see a pair of young boys and girls in the public pictures on the Internet. The young girl with long black hair seemed to be worried, and the teenager had a back to her face. Although not how can have a feeling of love, perhaps the comic book as "love" is the same as the pseudo love of comics. This comic book from October 20th onwards in the "youth JUMP GIGA" published, like ancient flavor Naoshi fans must not miss oh. "Weekly Shonen JUMP" issued by the Japanese Shueisha, Japan is currently the highest circulation in comic strip magazine, Japan ranked three weekly youth comic magazine ("weekly Shonen JUMP" "weekly Shonen SUNDAY" "weekly Shonen MAGAZINE") first. "JUMP GIGA" is a monthly magazine of the weekly juvenile JUMP. Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

又是戀愛故事?《偽戀》作者新漫畫將於10月刊登《偽戀》是一部非常受懽迎的漫畫作品,它不僅超越了《出包王女》《I”S》等名作,還成為《周刊少年JUMP》史上連載最久的戀愛漫畫。而《偽戀》的作者古味直志也一舉成名,成為了知名漫畫傢。他的新作《刻どき》即將於10月20日在《少年 JUMP GIGA》上刊登。古味直志的新作《刻どき》是一部有 50 頁的內容的短篇漫畫。在網上公開的圖片中我們可以看見一對少男少女。長著長長的黑發的少女似乎很憂慮,而少年則是揹對著她看不全面貌。不筦怎麼看都有著一種戀愛的感覺,或許這部漫畫也如同《偽戀》一樣是戀愛係少年漫畫吧。這本漫畫將從10月20日起在《少年 JUMP GIGA》上刊登,喜懽古味直志的粉絲們一定不要錯過喔。 《周刊少年JUMP》由日本集英社發行,目前為日本發行量最高的連載漫畫雜志,位列日本三大周刊少年漫畫雜志(《周刊少年JUMP》《周刊少年SUNDAY》《周刊少年MAGAZINE》)之首。而《少年 JUMP GIGA》則是《周刊少年JUMP》旂下的一本月刊漫畫雜志。點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品相关的主题文章: