Is it because girls are not good at math sugus

Is it because girls are not good at math? In the field of STEM, girls are very rare. China so, the United States also. What is the reason? Is a girl born without scientific talent? A new study from the Colorado State University shows that women are not inferior to boys in science and technology. Many of them give up halfway, just because educators are not considered in calculus 1. The | Dominique Mosbergen compiler,   editor | Liu Yan Qing; Ma Min in the United States, the gender differences in STEM learning has been a topic of media attention. Because only 1/4 of female college graduates into the science and technology industry. In the field of physics and engineering, the number is too horrible to look at. The ratio is about ten physicists and astronomers. Mechanical engineers, women only eight percent. Although women engaged in STEM work less, but interested in STEM but not a lot of girls, which makes a little confusing. Girls and boys are equally interested in STEM subjects and are not backward in their abilities. In the 4 grade, the proportion of male and female students interested in science is high, the report said. From the K-12 point of view, on standardized math and science exams, there are also split. In senior high school, the proportion of male and female students participating in the science curriculum is also quite good. Boys and girls in the STEM learning performance comparison chart, then those who love the science of the girl, why give up the road of science? If you compare the STEM education to a water pipe, there are a lot of loopholes in this water pipe, these loopholes, including lack of education, some of the cultural issues such as stereotypes. Recently discovered by a new study from the Colorado State University, in addition to the above-mentioned problems, there is a factor, it is for women engaged in scientific and technological research learning has a significant impact, that is, the people known as the calculus of high difficulty university math class. The report, published last month in the Journal PLOS ONE, reported that in calculus 1, the proportion of men and women who lost confidence was pretty good. However, compared with boys, girls are more likely to be affected by negative energy. This is a terrible thing, this course is the only way to enter the career of science and technology. The researchers found that in the completion calculus 1 course, with the same academic ideals, occupation target female students, compared to their male classmates, will be more likely to give up STEM learning, this probability is 1.5 times the boys. If you want to ask why, then part of the problem is that women start learning, lack of confidence. The researchers compared the male and female students with higher than average math ability and found that the girls were not very confident in mathematics learning, whether at the beginning or at the end of the semester. The study found that girls in the completion calculus after 1, leaving the field of science and technology will make the decision has nothing to do with the actual ability of their own, and their own ability to have much confidence)相关的主题文章: