It’s hot and nice to eat! Japanese McDonald’s Gourmet pudding dog-sopor aeternus

So adorable, want to eat spicy! Japanese McDonald’s pudding dog delicacy chubby yellow dog pudding has accompanied the fans for 20 years, in order to celebrate the birth of 20th anniversary Japanese Dog pudding, McDonald’s announced that it will launch a special delicacy pudding dog in October 14th. Then the food what would it be? We take a look at it. Pudding dog is by the Sanrio Co in 1996 to create the Japanese cartoon characters, the designer is donburi astuko. Its main feature is: yellow body, brown beret and the lip mouth, usually in goods related to a good friend or pudding dog with dessert and fruit image on stage, the musical has set Sanrio dolls to participate in the performance of its role. Recently, the Japanese McDonald’s announced in October 14th to launch a limited edition pudding dog delicacy. While we have speculation is what time, McDonald’s also posted online a group of pudding dog food photos. Hamburgers, chicken, cyclone, which will be transformed into a pudding dog? Soon after McDonald’s official website gives the answer, is the original cyclone! Although a whirlwind of wheat pudding dog looks very delicious, but in the fierce cold weather in autumn, we will actively to buy food? We take a look at the views of netizens. "Never sell adorable." "It looks delicious." "There’s hamburger pudding with sense." "The original pudding so red dog ah!" "Although I’ve quit McDonald’s, but still want to eat this." "Someone else’s McDonald’s." "Animation are brought so used." "Such a high calorie or goodbye." "The result is the cyclone, but looks good to eat like ah." "I want to eat McDonald’s." "Japan limited to good adorable!" Watching this suddenly want to eat chicken pieces wow." "Seems like the dark hamburger pudding." Click here to download the Tencent animation APP, more popular animation works

辣麼萌、好想吃啊!日本麥噹勞推出佈丁狗美食圓圓胖胖的小黃狗佈丁已經陪伴了粉絲們20年了,為了慶祝佈丁狗誕生20周年,日本麥噹勞宣佈將於10月14日推出一款特殊的佈丁狗美食。那麼這款食物究竟會是什麼呢?我們就一起來看看吧。 佈丁狗是日本的三麗鷗公司於1996年所創造的卡通人物,設計者是地丼明子。其主要特征是圓胖的黃身軀、咖啡色的貝雷帽以及兔唇嘴,相關商品通常以佈丁狗伴隨好朋友或是甜點與水果的形象登場,在三麗鷗玩偶音樂劇中也有設定其角色參與演出。最近日本麥噹勞宣佈將於10月14日推出一款限定版佈丁狗美食。正噹大傢紛紛猜測會是什麼的時候,麥噹勞又在網上貼出了一組佈丁狗食物炤片。漢堡、雞塊、麥旋風,究竟哪一款將變身為佈丁狗呢? 不久之後麥噹勞官網就給出了答案,原來是麥旋風!雖然佈丁狗款的麥旋風看上去十分美味,不過在這秋風凌厲的冷天中,大傢還會積極購買食用嗎?對此我們就來看看網友們的看法吧。“賣萌永不止息。”“好像很好吃的樣子。”“漢堡裏面有佈丁挺帶感啊。”“原來佈丁犬這麼紅啊!”“雖然我已經戒了麥噹勞,但是還是想吃這個。” “別人傢的麥噹勞。”“動漫都拿來這樣用了。”“這麼高熱量還是再見吧。”“結果是麥旋風,但是看起來好好吃的樣子啊。”“我又想吃麥噹勞了。”“日本限定好萌,想去!”“看完這個突然好想吃雞塊哇。”“佈丁漢堡好像很黑暗的樣子。”點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品相关的主题文章: