ITTF Singapore announced that Feng Tian Wei says it cannot leave Tokyo War (video)

ITTF: Singapore announced that Feng Tian Wei says it cannot leave Tokyo war Ai Fukuhara 4:0 Feng Tian Wei for the first time the Olympic qualifying singles semi-finals Feng Tian Wei October 25th ITTF sports Tencent according to administrative micro-blog reports, today announced the Singapore table tennis team in history, third a sister, 30 year old Feng Tian Wei was removed from the Singapore National team. The Singapore Table Tennis Association tonight issued a proclamation, announced the preparation for 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games reform plan, and Feng Tian Wei is not in the plan. The Singapore Table Tennis Association President Li Yuyun in a statement said: "Feng Tian Wei has been a mainstay of the national team since 2007, she brought many brilliant moments for table tennis. We would like to thank her for her contribution to the Singapore table tennis, and we would like to take this opportunity to wish Feng Tian Wei all the best in the coming days." She also said that Feng Tian Wei to the Tokyo Olympic Games will have been 34 years old, so can not be integrated into the current implementation of Ping total revitalization plan, Singapore’s future needs more young people. Feng Tian Wei was born in August 31, 1986 in Harbin, Heilongjiang, china. Her father was a barn worker who had muscular sclerosis; her mother was an employee of a department store. Feng Tian Wei was born in a poor family, to scrimp and save to pay for her school table tennis home. In order to allow her daughter to concentrate on practicing table tennis, the mother hid her husband’s illness. It was not until the death of Feng Tian Wei’s father in 2002 that she caught up with her father. Feng Tian Wei has been training in the China table tennis team for 3 years, and later because of being diagnosed with myocarditis and was forced to leave. In 2007, when she was a training in Shaanxi when the coach of the Singapore table tennis team coach Liu Guodong, Liu Guodong recommended her to Singapore to develop, after the consideration of the proposal accepted by the president of Feng Tian Wei. In March 2007, Feng Tian Wei began training in Singapore and participated in several international competitions in the following months. September 6, 2007, Feng Tian Wei officially became a citizen of singapore. Later, Feng Tian Wei and Li Jiawei, together with the Singapore team, won the 2008 Guangzhou World Championships women’s silver medal, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games women’s silver medal, this is Singapore since independence 48 years since the first winning Olympic medals. At the end of 2008, Singapore women’s team coach Liu Guodong with the Singapore Table Tennis Association President Li Meihua discord, angrily resigned as manager position. Later, the former Beijing women’s team coach Zhou Shusen, was hired as the Singapore women’s coach. The 2010 Moscow World Championships women’s team final, Singapore team beat 3-1 China team won the championship, Feng Tian Wei in the game has defeated Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen, who scored two points on. The 2012 World Championships in Dortmund, Feng Tian Wei again led the Singapore women’s team won the silver medal. The 2012 Olympic Games in London, Singapore women’s team won the women’s bronze medal, Feng Tian Wei beat Ishikawa Kasumi won the bronze medal in the bronze medal in the war, this is Singapore in the Olympic Games of the second individual Medal (a former sister Li Jiawei for 04 years and 08 annual singles fourth). The 2015 Asian Cup, Feng Tian Wei in the women’s singles semi-finals, first to 4-3 defeat of Japan Ai Fukuhara in the final to beat 4-2 China Liu Shiwen, won the women’s singles champion. This is Feng Tian Wei’s career相关的主题文章: