Jiang Chao also heard the main Tiannan silly white lie body reaction t6570

Jiang Chao play silly white Tiannan? Also listened to lie body reaction? The deer Tycoon (from WeChat public drama can say: junengshuo) you remember "Fox’s summer" this drama? The beginning of the lineup or Tan Songyun + gold Taihuan. Tan Songyun in the play is a lie "Miss Fox", "white person playfully overbearing president" is the original Jin Taihuan. When the pro shooting, gold Taihuan was replaced with Jiang Chao [micro-blog ~ so as we now see that: "the fox summer" was held in Beijing and declared complete set. Kim Taihuan is a former model, even though Jiang Chao is not a former model, but a few stills the current burst down but still good da feel that the lack of pure boy feeling ~ Jiang Chao in the "city of fantasy" has appeared, although only two or three sets of components, but always let me unforgettable…… In the hope that the "Fox" in the summer, do not let me see a smile with him, or the role difference is too set! Big! By! Jiang Chao introduced his own role, said the actor Gu Chengze is an upright boy, lies, liedetector full human flesh insulator, not only do not lie, hear lies will occur can’t help body reaction…… What is the physical reaction? Forgive me for not being able to control my brain…… Upright Boy, human lie detector? Always feel that this role is a bit like Jiang Chao silly white sweet overbearing President ah…… The role of Tan Songyun, before is to say, a very good liar elf girl Li Yanshu ~ Songyun Tan also said he "said this life most lies in the play"…… However, although the Li Yan book is a liar, but Li Yan Book heart is actually a special kind, because it has no difficulties. What is the unavoidable difficulties…… To broadcast to know ~ ~ ~ in addition, this is also a love triangle. Zhang Xin plays Gu Jinyun, and Jiang Chao in the play because Tan Songyun Jiang Chao’s strike violently yo ~ "Mr. rabbit" and Tan Songyun’s "Miss Fox", but they feel a ride?  : statement: Sina exclusive articles, unauthorized reprint prohibited.相关的主题文章: