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Jin Chao youth hit off on the road of Tianjin to explore entrepreneurial path and opportunities – the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Tianjin Beijing municipal government deputy inspector Li Huasheng speech. Zhang Daozheng photo Beijing, August 26 Tianjin Xinhua (reporter Zhang Daozheng) as the eighth session of China, Tianjin overseas Chinese entrepreneurship development negotiations will focus on the activities of the ninth session of the International Youth Fellowship tide and annual meeting, Tianjin Youth Forum 26 tide hit off the curtain in Tianjin, more than 150 young people from Tianjin and the Chaoshan area, share entrepreneurial experience, explore the entrepreneurial path and opportunities. The forum is organized by the Tianjin overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Communist Youth League Tianjin Municipal Committee, Tianjin Youth Federation, the "green tide" organized by the organizing committee. The theme of the forum is to seize the opportunity, innovation and entrepreneurship, win-win development". The part-time cat founder, Guangzhou nine tail Mdt InfoTech Ltd CEO Wang Ruixu, Zhuolang technology founder, Tianjin Zhuolang Technology Development Co., Ltd. chairman Zhang Kunyu, mobile advertising media meters, founder of Polytron Technologies Inc CEO m Chen Di, Tianjin City Youth Business Park general manager Liu Wenliang Jin Chao young entrepreneurs in the forum recalled entrepreneurial experience, analogy "80 after", "90" youth entrepreneurship environment, with different policies. Wang Ruixu and other young entrepreneurs believe that the current "public entrepreneurship, innovation" craze sweeping the country, is to stimulate creativity of the whole society, countries also set up various platform for young entrepreneurs, young Jin Chao should join hands to seize the opportunity to create the great cause. Tianjin municipal government affairs office deputy inspector Li Huasheng "overseas dream garden" construction and "Wanqiao innovation action" is introduced in the forum. He pointed out that at present, Tianjin overseas dream garden facing the development and opening of Binhai New Area, the national independent innovation demonstration area construction, the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, The Belt and Road construction, Chinese (Tianjin) free trade zone and China (Tianjin) International Electronic Commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone Construction of six major national strategic opportunities, settled in overseas dream garden can enjoy multiple overlapping preferential policies. Li Huasheng said, "Wanqiao innovation action" sounded the horn of overseas Chinese to participate in national upgrading and building a well-off society in transition economy, overseas dream garden carries the dream of overseas Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial spirit is the spirit of the Chaoshan heritage, innovation and entrepreneurship is an era of Tianjin Youth tide mission, hope Tianjin tide young entrepreneurs to join together to write a new chapter in the development. (end)相关的主题文章: