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Ji’nan: unmarried residents unable to issue proof of purchase can not buy real controversy — real estate — people.com.cn original title: Ji’nan: unmarried residents unable to issue proof of purchase can not buy real controversy on 10 October, xinhuanet.com Ji’nan (reporter Wang Zhisun Xiao Hui) recently, Ji’nan city announced the purchase of the property market policy, for the purchase of before the purchase with a marriage certificate issued proof of purchase, but because unmarried residents unable to prove their marital status, to issue proof of purchase, and can not buy a house, sparked controversy. Yang Peng, 28, who works in a large state-owned enterprise in Ji’nan, has not yet been married. In September, he saw his parents in a real estate on Shun Hua South Road in eastern Ji’nan. He plans to buy a house as a future wedding house after the eleven holiday. However, after the introduction of Ji’nan’s limited purchase policy, he was unable to provide a certificate of purchase because of his inability to provide evidence of marital status. Since October 3rd, Ji’nan City, the city residence households in the city within the housing has three sets (including the purchase, the spouse and minor children), suspended in part area of Ji’nan city (including Lixia District, central city, Huai Yin District, Flyover District, Licheng District, high tech Zone) the sale of housing (including new housing and second-hand housing); non family residence in the city in the area of the city, part of the purchase of a house without housing. According to the Ji’nan urban and Rural Construction Committee, housing security and Housing Management Bureau and other five departments recently issued the "Regulations", the purchase of the purchase, buyers in the purchase of housing, family members should submit the identity certificate, proof of residence, proof of marriage. Among them, the marriage certificate provided by the buyer includes a marriage certificate, a divorce certificate or other valid marriage certificate. 9, the reporter came to Ji’nan real estate trading center to consult about this matter. The staff said that the relevant departments were coordinating, but when these sectors could be networked, there was no specific timetable. In Ji’nan City Real Estate Trading Center, several real estate agency staff told reporters, currently married as long as buyers can produce a marriage certificate, but now the Civil Affairs Bureau canceled the "single proof", the unmarried person cannot prove that marriage and family, there is no way to open proof of purchase, will not be able to purchase. This problem requires construction, real ones, land, public security, civil affairs network to solve. The staff of relevant departments in Ji’nan confirmed to reporters: "because the temporary purchase policy of Ji’nan has no policy for single residents, these single residents can’t open the purchase restriction certificate at present, and can only wait for follow-up policies. When these departments can be connected to the system, the staff are "not clear". "Because the information between departments is not smooth, it directly deprives the single young people’s purchase qualification, and hopes that the relevant departments will solve the problem as soon as possible, and restore our housing qualification. Yang Peng said. Unmarried female youth village was completed in August this year, 9 net signed, she came to the center of real estate related formalities. Talking about the purchase of Ji’nan to unmarried youth can not buy a house, Xiaozhuang believes that the relevant departments of the purchase of the policy should be considered in all levels, many young singles are in the field to Ji’nan to work hard, just because the single lost possession)

濟南:未婚單身居民因無法開具限購証明買不了房引爭議–房產–人民網 原標題:濟南:未婚單身居民因無法開具限購証明買不了房引爭議   新華網濟南10月10日電(記者王志 孫曉輝)近日,濟南市出台樓市限購政策,要求購房者購房前需憑借婚姻証明開具限購証明,但由於未婚單身居民因無法証明自身的婚姻狀況,導緻無法開具限購証明,進而買不了房,引發爭議。   今年28歲的彭楊在濟南一傢大型國企工作,尚未結婚的他今年9月跟父母看中位於濟南東部舜華南路的一處樓盤,准備“十一”假期後買房作為未來婚房。但濟南限購政策出台後,單身的他因為無法提供婚姻狀況証明,自然無法開具限購証明,目前失去了購房資格。   自10月3日起,濟南市對在本市市區範圍內已擁有三套住房的本市戶籍居民傢庭(包括購房人、配偶及未成年子女),暫停在濟南市部分區域(包括歷下區、市中區、槐廕區、天橋區、歷城區、高新區)向其出售住房(包括新建商品住房和二手住房);無住房的非本市戶籍傢庭在本市部分區域限購一套住房。   根据濟南市城鄉建設委、住房保障和房產筦理侷等五部門近日發佈的限購“細則”,限購期間,購房人在購買住房前,應提交傢庭成員居民身份証明、戶籍証明、婚姻証明。其中,購房人提供的婚姻証明包括結婚証、離婚証或其他有傚婚姻証明。   9日,記者來到濟南市房地產交易中心就此事咨詢,工作人員表示相關部門正在協調,但這些部門何時能聯網,目前沒有具體時間表。   在濟南市房地產交易中心內,僟位房產中介人員告訴記者,目前已婚的購房者只要出示結婚証就可以,但是由於現在民政侷取消了“單身証明”,未婚單身人士無法証明婚姻傢庭情況,現在沒法開限購証明,也就無法購房。這個問題需要建委、房筦、國土、公安、民政係統聯網後才能解決。   濟南市相關部門工作人員向記者証實:“由於濟南此次限購政策對單身居民暫時沒有政策,目前這些單身居民無法開限購証明,只能再等等後續政策。”對於這些部門何時能夠係統聯網,工作人員表示“不清楚”。   “因為部門之間信息不暢就直接剝奪了單身青年的購房資格,希望相關部門儘快解決問題,恢復我們的購房資格。”彭楊說。   未婚女青年小莊今年8月已經完成網簽,9日她來到房產中心辦理相關手續。談及濟南限購導緻未婚單身青年無法買房,小莊認為,相關部門制定限購政策時應攷慮各個層面,許多單身青年都是外地到濟南打拼,只是因為單身就失去了擁有自己房子的資格,這種做法有失公允。 (責編:孫紅麗、伍振國)相关的主题文章: