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Jingan is planning to build a house to build thousands of the side of the "reading horizons" is located in Changde Road Changping road 800 Show, is a modernized commercial Creative Industrial Park, in the park, a collection of a group of fashionable and energetic young white-collar. At lunch, often white-collar workers are holding a cup of coffee, came to the "public area between City bookstore" this piece is located in building 7, building 8, a good book, and scholarly as partners, have a leisurely full time. Usually busy, want to recharge their own, but there is no time to go to the library bubble. Since the building house, corner time can also use reading, intimate comfortable." This makes the white-collar workers praise the house, with about 2000 copies of the book, relying on the collection of Jingan District library will be updated regularly, and the circulation of books. This book established in the corner side "with extreme ease", who can refuse? In the Jingan district Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister Ma Jiabin view, "Shanghai is no shortage of large bookstores, or lack of style house like Zhong Shuge, but to really let the monsoon Book garden, people can experience the fun of reading, the best way is to create a good side ‘last mile’ Library construction." "Know the book project to build two positions in Jingan District, such as" urban house of the house, can be seen in many business buildings. In addition to building house, including staff house, residential house these scattered on the public side of the big and small "reading world". The collection is not so rich but the library, library for reading people whenever and wherever possible and provides a possible. Have a good book to read for the Jingan District soil, cultivation path, to create "knowledge engineering books". The so-called "knowledge book project", it is the key to build two positions: house and inn. According to reports, Jingan District is currently planning the "1000 housing plan", is expected to be at the grassroots level to establish thousands of books, including residential house, building house and house three forms of enterprise employees. The basic form of library can rely on the reading room not sticking to formalities, there are 24 hours, reading room, activity room, library, staff mobility and other forms of building three-dimensional service station. Borrow the book resources to revitalize the collective donations with books, books come from? How to revitalize the library resources? This reporter arrived at Caojiadu reading Wanhang residential rooms, three shelves neatly stocked with every kind of books: Humanities, science, health, variety. These books have come from Caojiadu Street Library, some people from the donation. In the reading room, there is a small bookshelf, which are all in the name of a person donated to the library books. Often there will be readers and Book articles, in the use of our library book resources, will take the initiative to leave some of his books, the donation to the library." Caojiadu Street Office Deputy Director Yao Yan told reporters, these books will be donated for circulation at various points, the formation of book floating point". On the other hand, the streets for a "collective house to borrow" procedures, namely in the name of a residential area for a library card. With the "collective borrowing" qualified units, you can enjoy the convenience of a large batch of books to borrow相关的主题文章: