Jinhua 1 large cattle due to typhoon trapped or engulfed by floods at the island (map) manbetx.cc

Jinhua 1 large cattle due to typhoon trapped or engulfed by floods at the island (map) large cattle trapped in the river police forces successfully rescued in September 15th, typhoon "Meranti" impact, Jinhua Wuyi heavy heavy rain, the river rose Shu xi. When night falls, Shu Xi had on both sides of the Wuyi city at the confluence of lamps and candles of a myriad families, Sanjiang Ming Zhao Shu Xi River near the bridge in the east end of Wuyi County, the County Public Security Bureau police station and Shuxi CAS Wuyi mountain and Wuyi Red Cross rescue detachment rescue team on a rainy night in busy, they in order to save a head by the flood trapped in the Jiangxin Island large cattle in the efforts. Large cattle trapped Jiangxin Island from the morning, the rain will not stop, Wuyi Shu stream flow increases rapidly, a large grassy beach soon flooded by torrential flood. Wu Guorong, who lives in Wuyi County, united community, 65 year old. At 4 pm, he returned to Wuyi from Yongkang to burning with impatience, four head of cattle near Ming Zhao hurried to the bridge to see grazing. And was astonished at what he saw, the flood has already become the surging river, four head of cattle grazing on a beach in the morning, three heads back to the shore, there is a lone trapped in the offshore 40 meters away in small Jiangxin island. This time the River continues to rise, large cattle in the island and round, issued from time to time howl, restless, there is always the risk of being engulfed by the flood. Wu Guorong said the cattle will swim, but also how to escape, but it was trapped in the flood, is certainly the rope cattle is caught, get off, otherwise, already with a partner back to shore. At first, Wu Guorong tried to save himself. He took a stick as a crutch, and went down into the water, but the water was deep and urgent, and the man could not stand. Some time ago, Wu Guorong was injured in a car accident has been hospitalized, just a few days before discharge. In the face of the raging water, he worried that the body too much, will not dare to act rashly. Seeing the river continued to rise rapidly, he finally chose to ask for help 110. Police forces successfully rescued cattle at 16:40 PM, after receiving the alarm, Wuyi County Public Security Bureau police station Shu Xi Yu Zengneng and 3 colleagues rushed to the scene. At this time, the rain is still great, raging rivers rising, has not seen the trapped sand island where cattle, cattle helplessly to turn, turn a few sound issued from time to time to howl, a cattle rope and put it on the leash. Because the river is wide, fast flowing, alone is very difficult to swim across the sandbar human rescue, police and cattle owners Wu Guorong together to discuss, decided to request support. 17:30 Xu, the first rescue team received help later to the scene, see the status quo, can not help. The rain continued, soon dark, trapped in the middle of the river’s large cattle was gradually submerged in the night, only to hear the howling from time to time. -18 PM, the CAS Wuyi mountain and Wuyi Red Cross rescue brigade rescue team after receiving help, more than 10 players down reunion meal dishes, quickly to the incident rally. 19 PM, the most important canoe rescue equipment arrived at the scene, police.相关的主题文章: