Jiujiang police killed suspects was arrested suspects the attack process is less than 30 seconds. stellarium

Jiujiang police killed suspects was arrested suspects the attack process in less than 30 seconds related news: Jiujiang detention center police the streets were killed throat killer is still at large in Jiujiang police killing case reward increased to 200 thousand and another neighbor stabbed the latest news according to Jiangxi network reporter Ouyang Xing Chinese reported: the evening of October 30th, 29 noon, Yongxiu police killed on his way to work cracked the case, the suspect bears a world on the evening of 30 to 6, the open area in Nanchang Kau Bridge village was arrested. JINGWAH times (reporter Fan Rui) yesterday morning, Jiangxi police Hwang was killed on the way to work in Jiujiang. Local police informed that, Hwang sent to hospital after died, the police have locked the suspect Xiongmou, offering a reward of 200 thousand yuan for the murderer. Know the live video provided by the lover, the suspect knife attack process is less than half a minute. The supermarket door hit the victim yesterday afternoon, the Jiangxi Public Security Bureau of Yongxiu County in Jiujiang province through the official micro-blog released bulletin, said the morning of October 29th 11 pm, Yongxiu County Public Security Bureau police work via Huang Tu Bu Zhen a supermarket door was killed. After receiving the alarm, Yongxiu County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police immediately rushed to the scene to carry out investigation work, Huang sent to hospital after died. Currently, Yongxiu police have locked the suspect, the arrest is underway. Police issued a reward Bulletin shows that after investigation, Yongxiu County Triangle Village bears bear a major crime suspects. The world bears, male, 40 years old, wearing a black suit jacket escape, carrying a black jacket, riding a red cross type "Qianjiang Motorcycle". The police suggested that bears the world player may carry the crime weapon. Yongxiu County Public Security Bureau, said, to provide valuable clues, the police will be rewarded to provide important clues to the suspects were arrested, promised to give 50 thousand yuan reward. For concealed not reported, will be held liable according to law. The attack process is less than half a minute insider provided to reporters a video of the scene showed the incident on the 29 day at 11:33 in the morning. At the time of the incident, the police Hwang handheld umbrella walking on the road. A man came from behind, holding a suspected tool several times in a row and stabbed Hwang, Hwang back constantly dodge man behind him repeatedly stabbed Hwang, Hwang held an umbrella during the fall, people also then fell to the ground, the man turned to leave, the process is less than half a minute. Video display, the incident there was a woman passing by, then quickly walked away after seeing. Near the shop owner Mr. Zhou said, the distance is only 5 meters he shop door, his wife to see when the assailant has turned away, "when we go out, stabbed the man lying on the ground, the ground bleeding a lot." Zhou then alarm. According to a number of nearby businesses confirmed that police killed Huang Yongxiu County Detention Center staff, living in the vicinity of the incident spark area, more than and 50 years old this year. The night before the incident to the unit on duty, in the morning of the 11 work, is under the rain, a yellow hand umbrella, a hand holding a briefcase, finally fell in the distance of 100 meters of the intersection area. After committing the crime of murder stabbed two people triangle Xiang Jian Hua village.相关的主题文章: