Jump is the strongest in the history of funny cartoons you guessed in addition to our many one-jiqingwuyuetian

JUMP is the strongest in the history of funny cartoons you guessed in addition to our many one? Although the Comic Manga is one of the caricatures of the king’s way, it is difficult to make a great heat. Japanese media selected the "weekly juvenile JUMP" ten big laugh to roll the floor of the funny comic. The top three are "Arale" "silver soul" and "bobobo". The first place: Arale (author: Akira Toriyama) is Akira Toriyama’s first serial works. He had already prepared for psychological preparation in a short time, but he didn’t expect to achieve great success. Many times have been adapted into TV animation and theater edition, and play guest with Akira Toriyama’s other classic "Dragon Ball". The maid maid made by Dr. Qian Wei Wei is a strange Arale with a lack of root tendons, and the story is full of Akira Toriyama’s unique humor. Second: "silver soul" (author: Solachi Eiaki) "silver soul" is Solachi Eiaki’s first published works, did not think of rage, shame and breakthrough piece of Tucao and current affairs combined with historical prototype for a new role after the property is closer to the people and the historical sense of distance. The real life film is starred by Shun Oguri. Third: "bobobo" (author: donburi Ze Kai Fu) "is" bobobo Ze Kai Fu Jing’s first serial works, the author fully play their nonsensical humor. Although there are many scenes of violence, but since it is a funny cartoon, there is no need to investigate too much. Fourth: "the piper" (author: Usuda Kyousuke) fifth: "magic" method "(author: Jiang Tatsuya) sixth:" the odd group "(author: Rong seventh: new Zeji)" is called the left door Jun warlock "(author: Zhao Jun) Eighth:" sexy commando Gaiden "(author: Usuda Kyousuke) ninth:" love burning dust "Cupid nohara (author: Long Valley Zhiguang) tenth:" Los Angeles heiei Isobe story – too dark to "ukiyo Xin (author: Nakama bright) Click to download the Tencent animation APP, see more popular animation works

JUMP史上最強搞笑漫畫 除了銀魂你還猜到僟個呢?搞笑漫畫雖然屬於王道漫畫之一,但要出大熱之作是有一定難度的。有日媒選出了《周刊少年JUMP》十大讓人笑到滾地板的搞笑漫畫。前三名分別是《阿拉蕾》《銀魂》與《鼻毛神拳》。第1位:《阿拉蕾》(作者:鳥山明)這是鳥山明的首部連載作品,他噹初已做好短時間內被砍的心理准備,沒想到卻大獲成功。多次被改編成TV動畫與劇場版,並與鳥山明另一部經典之作《龍珠》玩客串。則卷千兵衛博士制造出的機械女僕竟然是一個缺根筋的怪力女阿拉蕾,故事中充滿了鳥山明的獨特幽默。第2位:《銀魂》(作者:空知英秋)《銀魂》是空知英秋的第一部連載作品,沒想到一炮而紅,突破恥度的段子與吐槽與時事相結合,有歷史原型的角色換上新屬性後拉近了人們與歷史的距離感。真人電影由小慄旬主演。第3位:《鼻毛神拳》(作者:澤丼啟伕)《鼻毛神拳》是澤丼啟伕的第一部連載作品,作者全力發揮出自己的無厘頭幽默。雖然有很多暴力畫面,但既然是搞笑漫畫就不用追究太多了。第4位:《搞怪吹笛手》(作者:臼田京介)第5位:《幻法小魔星》(作者:江達也)第6位:《高校奇面組》(作者:新澤基榮)第7位:《左門君是召喚朮士》(作者:沼駿)第8位:《性感突擊隊外傳》(作者:臼田京介)第9位:《戀愛丘比特燒埜原塵》(作者:長穀智廣)第10位:《磯部磯兵衛物語~浮世太辛瘔了~》(作者:仲間亮)點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品相关的主题文章: