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Book-Reviews Karen Kingsbury is an author who begun writing her literary pieces when she was five years old and she knew that this was a God’s calling to her. After more than four decades, she has been known as the author of "Life Changing Fiction" books that have served so many inspirations to many people. When Kingsbury was 27, she published her first book and has written 40 novels during those times. Her writings were mostly featured as articles in journals but what makes her books really different from any other books? Kingsbury writes Christian fictions, which she believes makes all the difference. According to her, unlike all other fiction books in the market, hers are not written for the mere purpose of entertainment or monetary gain. She strives to incorporate meanings and morals in her books, without .pletely losing the attack to amuse the reader. Her stories flow through lines of heartaches and pain, two natural elements of our day-to-day lives. The two main elements that Kingsbury believes define how we react to God, either we go closer or we drift father from Him. Kingsbury uses the struggles of people to highlight reality in her stories, making them effective and easily related to. Every storyline she has written, although all are fiction, Kingsbury acknowledges to be specially given to her by God. And because of her faith, without doubt she has made an impression in lives of real people. She also believed that when she writes, she is being guided by God and that she also learns from what she is writing. And since her books touch the lives of many people, her writings are being adored by many people. Karen Kingsbury books are published under the trademark "Life-Changing Fiction", because this is the description that most of readers have for the books. Presently, Kingsbury upholds the trademark as one way to tell people what her books are all about. The truth is, Kingsbury was not that religious before. But when her husband gave her a bible and started reading it, she has be.e closer with God. Some of Kingsbury’s books are Women of Faith, Forever Faithful, Red Gloves, Redemption, September 11th, First Born, Lost Love, and many more. All of these books touched the lives of many people. Although different from one another, sill each one had created big impacts to one’s life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: