Kitchen tiles Konggu preventive maintenance is very important to smell verbal jint

To smell kitchen tiles Konggu preventive maintenance is very important?? don’t know what time to start, even if the toilet drag clean, or have an unpleasant odor floating on the toilet. What smell come from? Below, and small make up a quest. The smell can also lead to hollowing tiles! Repair to prevent not less (pictures from the network)?? phenomenon: Tiles Konggu, an important reason for kitchen smelly?? if there is paving tiles Konggu, later it is easy to loose and fall off, cracking and so on, there will be security risks. If in the days after the site has perforated tile hollowing, the tiles are also very easily broken. ?? Kitchen ground not Konggu, or even home toilet clean clean, there will be odor. Because the kitchen floor often contact with water, water from Zhuanfeng in penetration into the brick tiles below due to accumulation, made waterproof, water accumulated in the brick below, not easy to discharge, which is difficult to distribute, finally stink. This is one of the reasons why there are always a lot of toilet kitchen smell. ?? The reason: several reasons for the main tiles Konggu 1,?? rendering standard?? paving tiles before metope debris, dust must be cleaned; paving tiles will be back plastered with cement mixed mortar or cement slurry 107, and use the handle of a hammer or hammer tapping software tile, cement slurry packed with ceramic tile on the back, then press, make metope ceramic tile and firmly combined. If the rendering is not standard, it will cause the hollowing. ?? 2, before paving tiles soaked enough?? (especially Youmianzhuan) before paving with water soak for more than 2 hours, the tile fully absorbing water, then to dry or clean water. If the brick water not saturated, it is too early to absorb the moisture in the mortar, mortar shrinkage caused Konggu, will also affect the bonding strength. ? 3, paste paste when the shop is not full? Tile shop paste when the mortar is not full or not the ceramic tile gently knock compaction. This is likely to be cut corners in order to save the cement mortar, in order to save time or sloppy. ?? Knock detection: "five points" that is hollowing?? the hollowing of the detection method is very simple, find a metal items (the best tool is the site of the drill bit or the key, small stainless steel spoon can also be used), its knock with good tile four corners and core parts. If the issue of "empty" sound of more than two points, then it means that this tile paste is not true. But should notice is, and their kitchen flue with cement board package wall tiles, you can’t use this check, because the wall is not solid, so what is the sound of knocking hollowing. ?? Remedy: glass sucker will suck up re paving brick wall brick wall?? if there is wall cracking, shedding phenomenon, impact on the environment is beautiful Home Furnishing as can be imagined. So how to remedy the problems occur hollowing tiles? Qin Jian suggested that if a large area of hollowing, available glass sucker all brick up re paving, need to find ground cement layer after hair re Putie tile base. If the owner of the house is still retained after the renovation of the remaining tiles, you can directly replace all the bricks. Currently on the market, the rapid update of the tiles, but also to remind the owners of the decoration, -相关的主题文章: