Knife [exchange] soccer SMG recommended Malaga home court roost

Knife [exchange] soccer SMG recommended: Malaga home court has a dominating every Friday from the forces of the Spanish Real Madrid tonight staged in advance, the Rose Bowl in Malaga faction thugs, usher in Barcelona sporting challenge brother factions, faction duel nature is sparks, no understanding, only shopping. Malaga into the new season is not small, apparently not willing to just removed from the La Liga, but does not start smoothly, the first four rounds have failed to win, the recent performance is improving, a record gap, the last three home court all win, a home court is 4 more than the 0 liter class kuangtu Marlay Garnes, however the road performance just passable, still wins, the last match to challenge Ma Jing, although to try to Atletico cause trouble, but in the end of 2 or more than 4 frustrated. Gijon last season until the final round of relegation, the new season is still underperforming, relegation will still be the main melody of the season. The first 2 to 1 over Basque in the home court of Bilbao lion sports, made a perfect start, the first three rounds of 2 wins and 1 draws unbeaten, but then ushered in a wave of five game losing streak, the last two consecutive draw, showed no improvement, so far away win. Nearly 10 confrontation, Malaga’s 5 wins and 2 draws and 3 losses, the upper hand, the home of 4 wins and 1 draws, obvious advantages. William: 1.75 3.60 4.75 compared to compensate the generalized strength, Malaga high sports a half disc Gijon, we found the odds in a reasonable range, the odds structure, flat compensate top, negative compensate low. Pingfu, flat confidence is stronger than the negative, moderate level compensation will not strike a top high confidence, but because of increased returns become more worthy to win, negative lack of confidence, so low that good, so the negative force, the maximum dispersion found pressure pattern of natural form, can be found in Malaga. More color information and recommendations, please pay attention to the knife sinks App view. Recommendation: the main victory (knife exchange)相关的主题文章: