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Know life at the ear, ear touching cure   the ten step massage ear care Song – Hubei Channel – original title: touch the ear at the ear, know life cure ten step massage ear care song of a kneading earlobe, God clear surface features cool spirit; two times the tragus, breathing the nasopharynx Kang; three times on the tragus, God Jiannaoan headache; four stroke anthelix, chest and abdomen and spine massage on foot Zhuang; five, and lower limb light footsteps; six stroke scapha, chirobrachialgia relaxed; seven kneading triangular fossa, and eight pelvic reproductive health; knead the concha, liver and kidney up to two biantong; nine times concha, since the health of heart and lung breath smooth; ten rub ear, five healthy blood pressure regulation. As the saying goes "at the ear, know life, touch the ear cure". People always regard the big ear as the blessed phase, and think that the thicker and bigger ears live longer. Although this theory is not entirely scientific significance, but through the observation of the external ear shape, color, texture and so on, we can really understand the health of the body. Traditional medicine also can be used for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, such as auricular therapy, for inside and outside, women, children, skin, facial features and other diseases were suitable, and quick effect, good curative effect, safe and easy to operate. Let us explore the mysteries of the magical effects of small ears. Chinese medicine believes that the meridians and ears are connected by blood and viscera, or raise two ears on the wing, to maintain the physiological function of the ear; at the same time, the function of state organs and the corresponding lesions can also be through the meridians in different parts of the ear reflected. Modern holographic medicine also confirms the inner connection between the ear and the human body. The main point of the ear is connected, and its shape is like a fetus inverted in the womb. Through the holographic reflex Road, the ear point can reflect some diseases of the human body, by stimulating these reaction points, can achieve the purpose of treatment of disease. The auricle is a part of the external ear, mainly composed of cartilage, and has the function of collecting sound waves. A large number of acupoints are densely distributed on the anterior and posterior surface of the auricle. In general, the head and the ear of the tragus and distribution in the ear lobe and the upper limbs; distribution in scapha; and the trunk and lower the ear of the helix and the distribution in the upper and lower legs; associated with abdominal auricular point located in the concha, associated with pleural dirty for ear located in the ear cavity; the ear tract located in crus around and digestion (Figure). When the disease occurs, the traditional Chinese medicine often selects a specific ear point, and uses acupuncture or pressing seeds to treat the corresponding diseases. For example, Anrou lobe central "eye", can treat myopia, hyperopia and other eye; rubbing ear cavity central "heart" can treat palpitation, chest tightness, heart disease; elderly high blood pressure, rubbing ear jinagyagou, can reduce blood pressure rapidly; women dysmenorrhea can massage the triangular fossa. The corresponding internal genital health etc.. In daily life, friends can massage different parts of auricular points, can play the role of disease prevention and treatment. In order to facilitate memory and operation, especially the preparation of the "ten step massage ear exercises" gejue, for your reference. (3: Cardiology, commissioning editor Zhou Tian) 看耳知寿命摸耳治百病 十步揉耳保健歌–湖北频道–人民网 原标题:看耳知寿命摸耳治百病 十步揉耳保健歌   一揉耳垂,神清面爽五官灵;二揉耳屏,呼吸顺畅鼻咽康;三揉对耳屏,健脑安神止头痛;四捋对耳轮,胸腹和调脊柱壮;五揉上下脚,疏理下肢脚步轻;六捋耳舟,手臂麻痛变轻松;七揉三角窝,生殖盆腔男女健;八揉耳甲艇,肝肾调达二便通;九揉耳甲腔,心肺自健呼吸畅;十揉耳背,五脏安康血压调。   俗话说“看耳知寿命,摸耳治百病”。民间一向把耳大视作有福之相,认为耳朵厚而大的人更长寿。虽然这个理论不完全具有科学意义,但通过观察耳朵的外在形态、颜色、质地等情况,确实可以了解我们身体的健康状态。传统医学还可以据此来诊断和治疗疾病,例如耳穴疗法,对于内、外、妇、儿、皮肤、五官等各科疾病均适宜,而且见效快,疗效好,安全易操作。   小小耳朵藏有哪些神奇的作用,就让我们探探其中奥秘。   中医认为,脏腑通过经络与耳相连,脏腑气血上荣濡养两耳,维持耳朵的生理功能;同时,脏腑的功能状态和相应病变也可以通过经络在耳的不同部位有所反映。现代生物全息医学也证实了耳与人体的内在联系。把耳朵的主要穴位连起来,其外形好似倒置于子宫内的胎儿。通过全息反射路,耳穴可以反应人体的某些疾病,通过刺激这些反应点,能达到治疗疾病的目的。   耳廓,是外耳的一部分,主要由软骨构成,有收集声波的作用。耳廓的前后表面均密密麻麻地分布了大量的穴位。一般来说,与头面相关的耳穴分布在对耳屏和耳垂;与上肢相关的耳穴分布在耳舟;与躯干和下肢相关的耳穴分布在对耳轮和对耳轮上、下脚;与腹腔脏器相关的耳穴多分布在耳甲艇,与胸腔脏器相关的耳穴多分布在耳甲腔;与消化道相关的耳穴多分布在耳轮脚周围(如图)。   当发生疾病时,中医常常选取特定的耳穴,使用针刺或压籽法治疗相应的疾病。例如按揉耳垂中央的“眼区”,可以治疗近视、远视等眼病;按揉耳甲腔中央的“心区”可治疗心慌、胸闷等心脏疾病;老年人血压升高,按揉耳背降压沟,能够迅速降低血压;女性痛经可以按揉三角窝,其对应内生殖器健康等。日常生活中,朋友们可以自行按揉不同部位的耳穴,能够起到防病治病的作用。为了方便记忆和操作,特编写“十步揉耳保健操”歌诀,供大家参考。▲ (责编:关喜艳、周恬)相关的主题文章: