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Korean media: Korea maritime police chase Chinese ships held live fire exercises simulation picture: This is September 29th shooting in the waters near Jeonnam Xin’an County Fire China fishing. According to Yonhap quoted South Korea Mokpo maritime patrol security agency reported, a China drifter in South Korean waters on the morning of 29 fire, killed 3 sailors. The Xinhua News Agency reference news network reported on October 14th Korean media said, in the day before the ship sank patrol after the incident, South Korean Coast Guard 13 held live fire exercises, to send a strong signal to the Chinese boats for illegal fishing in the country in the area. According to Yonhap News reported on October 13th, South Korean Coast Guard said the exercise was held in the Yellow Sea, with the participation of 6 ships. The crew conducted live fire exercises, to detect illegal attacks counterattack ability. These ships are also simulated China ships of the maritime police team pursued fishing illegally in South Korean waters in the scene. The exercise is part of the South Korean coastguard two times a year for the naval exercises. South Korean coastguard also held a day of senior officials of the video conference, to convey the guiding principles for the use of artillery and other firearms in the pursuit. The South Korean government said a few days ago, the violence interference law enforcement agencies to execute their duties of ships and crews. Korea maritime police chief Hong Yitai said he would collect the front-line officers opinions, and actively promote these aims to better solve the problem of illegal fishing plan. Korea maritime police said, 7, the Department of a yacht to perform combat illegal fishing when the task is a Chinese deliberately sunk ship. According to South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" website reported on October 13th, China sank fishing 12 on the 7 China government occurred on the South Korean coast guard boats that said that South Korean coastguard activity had no legal basis. China Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang 12 at a regular press conference on the day before the assistant secretary of the South Korean Foreign Ministry summoned ambassador Qiu Guohong said: "a statement about South Korea’s untenable. According to South Korea to provide the geographical coordinates, after verification, the site is located in the "Regulations" of the China Korea fishery agreement to maintain the existing fishing waters. According to the "agreement" provisions of the Korean maritime police in the area to carry out law enforcement activities have no legal basis." Geng Shuang pointed out that China has been through diplomatic channels to the ROK authorities on the matter made solemn representations, again asked South Korea to strengthen law enforcement control, not abuse of law enforcement power, not to take drastic actions and excesses may harm the safety of Chinese personnel, to ensure the safety of Chinese personnel and the legitimate rights and interests. South Korean foreign ministry countered that the original Chinese fishing vessels operating illegally by South Korea maritime police found the place in South Korean waters in South Korea, so law enforcement activities are legal.相关的主题文章: