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Korean media: North Korea has the South Korean drug methamphetamine production and the assassination of defectors Reference News Network reported on May 19th South Korean media said the prosecutor’s office said the North Korean authorities will be South Korea’s drug manufacturing secret to North Korea to make methamphetamine to them by the assassination of former Labor Party Secretary Huang Long (died in 2010) and ye rebel towards people the instruction. This is the South Korean intelligence Institute recently questioned disguised as defectors to the Korean people’s Armed Forces Department investigation bureau spy Zhang birth news. According to South Korea, "Central Daily News" website reported on May 18th, the Seoul public security department to the central inspection in May 17th announced that for the production of methamphetamine and assassination instructions and Zhang contact Kim (62 years old), Party A (68 years old) and Huang (56 years old) on suspicion of violating the "Drug Administration Law", the "national security law" special dive and escape and premeditated murder charges were indicted. Reported that, according to South Korean prosecutor’s office said, has been in South Korea as the "ice making technician" identity activities of Party A from the spy A cooperation proposal received somewhere. A spy who received Zhang’s instructions, in July 2000 the secret in North Korea, 70 kilograms of methamphetamine production in Hwanghae sariwon somewhere nearby. Fang MOU will be acquaintances Kim and Hwang also pulled in. Originally decided to provide production sites in North Korea, each production of 1 tons of methamphetamine will be paid half, that is, 500 kilograms of drugs, but actually made 70 kilograms. The Korean prosecutor’s office said that "the Korean organization that suffered from economic hardship seems to have drawn up the domestic methamphetamine organization in South Korea."". According to the findings of the Korean prosecutor’s office, the DPRK authorities issued orders to assassinate the people who made the methamphetamine. It is reported that Zhang in October 2009 issued a "spy assassination of Huang Changye and Jiang Zhehuan living in the safe house in South Korea (sound, off the North Korean origin, critical system activist)". A month later, in November of that year, 3 spies, Kim Myung Ming, and others from the North Korea Bureau of investigation also received instructions to assassinate Huang Changye. According to the 2010 Korean Procuratorate’s search results, the person who directed the murder was general Zhang, general of the investigation bureau. Zhang also stated in the national court interrogation, "at that time, the Ministry of investigation headquarters issued instructions". Reported that, it is learned that Kim has received more than 10 times online remittance and cash totaling $40 thousand as an activity funds. Kim said, "in the domestic contact with special forces members of the origin, violence and professional killers and others". It was learned that Huang Changye, who had been hit by a vehicle and was sitting in a vehicle that was moving, was faked as an accident or killed by a lethal weapon. According to the survey, in October 2010 Huang Changye was only one or two months old before death, and even launched a "specific implementation date". But Kim failed to get a $1 million fee from Zhang somewhere in time, the schedule was postponed, and no actual assassination was carried out. In addition, Kim also arrested in May 2013 will be "2012-2013" to the Korean military weapons Yearbook Zhang and provides natural gas storage in South Korea and thermoelectric power station position information to them, every kind of claim to Zhang 1000 US 9

韩媒:朝鲜曾利用韩国毒贩制作冰毒及暗杀叛逃者   参考消息网5月19日报道 韩媒称,韩国检察厅称,朝鲜当局将韩国的毒品制造人秘密带到朝鲜让其制作冰毒并向他们下达暗杀前劳动党书记黄长烨(2010年死亡)等叛朝人士的指令。这是韩国家情报院最近在审问伪装成脱北者归顺的朝鲜人民武力部下属侦查总局出身间谍张某时得到的消息。   据韩国《中央日报》网站5月18日报道,首尔中央地检公安一部于5月17日公布称,对为制作冰毒和暗杀指令等与张某接触的金某(62岁)、方某(68岁)和黄某(56岁)以涉嫌违反《毒品类管理法》、《国家保安法》的特别潜入和出逃以及预谋杀人的罪名进行了拘留起诉。   报道说,据韩国检察厅称,一直在韩国作为 “冰毒制作技术员”身份活动的方某从间谍A某处收到合作的提议。方某等人接到间谍张某的指令,于2000年7月秘密入朝,在黄海道沙里院附近某处制作了70千克冰毒。   方某将熟人金某和黄某也拉了进来。本来决定由朝鲜提供制作场所,每制作1吨冰毒就上缴一半,即500千克的毒品,但实际上制作了70千克。韩检察厅相关负责人表示“饱受经济困难折磨的对韩工作组织似乎拉拢了韩国国内冰毒组织”。   报道说,据韩检察厅调查结果显示,朝鲜当局向加入冰毒制作的人下达了暗杀叛朝人士的指令。据悉,间谍张某2009年10月下达了“暗杀居住在韩国境内安全屋的黄长烨和姜哲焕(音,脱北者出身,批判朝鲜体制的活动家)”的指令。在一个月后的当年11月,朝鲜侦查总局下属间谍金明?(音)等3人也收到了暗杀黄长烨的指令。据2010年韩检察厅搜查结果显示,指示杀害的人是侦查总局张金英?上将。张某也在国情院审讯中陈述称“当时侦查总局本部下达了指令”。   报道称,据悉,金某先后十多次收到网络汇款和现金等共计4万美元作为活动经费。金某陈述称“在国内接触了特殊部队成员出身、组织暴力人员和职业杀手等人”。据悉,还考虑了用车辆撞击坐在正行驶的车辆中的黄长烨,伪造成事故死亡,或者用凶器暗杀的方法。据调查称,在2010年10月黄长烨因旧病死亡的仅一两个月前,甚至推出了具体的“实行日期”。但金某未能及时从张某处获得要求的100万美元的活动费,日程推迟,未实际进行暗杀。此外,金某还涉嫌于2013年5月将《2012-2013年韩军武器年鉴》交给张某并向其提供了韩国内天然气储存处和热电发电站方位等信息,每样向张某索取了1000美元的费用。   报道说,此外,另一名冰毒制作人黄某也陈述称,2004年4月从张某处接到暗杀医生出身的朝鲜人权运动家-德国人诺尔贝勒特?保罗蔡(Norbert Vollertsen ,57岁)的指示。保罗蔡1999年7月至2000年12月在朝鲜以医生的身份活动,此后因批判朝鲜体制被朝鲜驱逐出境。据悉,朝鲜已经中止暗杀保罗蔡的计划。 (原标题:韩媒称朝鲜曾利用韩国毒贩制冰毒及暗杀叛逃者) 编辑:SN069相关的主题文章: