Kuso will play the bear infested love eliminate four reasons-drop dead diva

Spoof will play "bears love" to eliminate the four major reasons for the Baidu Game exclusive agent, the film "bear bear heart return" licensed Mobile Games "bears love to eliminate the" hot line ing, small series as "bear" series of love pink, can fall on the people? Xiao Bian today decided to pull the power with buddies comedy onlookers will play "bears four reasons to love the elimination"! One reason: to make genuine piracy flying Kang Shuai Saute of Beef with Hot Pepper, "Bo" cat "wash clothes," OKAY "OLAY…… This era is full of fake, "bear" is no exception, when all kinds of piracy on the market two big bear, bear, bald strong flying, you can remember their true face? Now, "bears" genuine love eliminate strikes, let be KO minutes on piracy! Reason two: bear go fly the BOSS baby encounter like a horse X, song X such wonderful, perhaps only reluctantly shook his head, but in the "bear" in love eliminate completely different, "so two" bald strong dislike? To destroy the "too" small animal smugglers? Want to beat "too" circus boss? Then enter the "bear infested love elimination", eliminate the fruits around BOSS and launch a deadly attack on them! Reason three: bear two sound contracted games all ears pregnant bursting point Philippines diving with Chongqing dialect version of commentary, parody at Xu crossing playing bad The Legend Of White Snake, Huanzhugege original voice, although many fans still have a distinctive flavour spoof, but shouted "teacher Fu Lai begged the demon"! "Bears" love eliminate absolute respect for the fans like bear, invite two brings the original voice, from time to time to throw a Meng Meng Da (micro-blog) "awesome", "successful", sweet to the ear game player pregnant, is there?! Four reasons: bad weather play good and a dangerous situation, and sometimes the sun exposure, Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles., sometimes fierce hail…… This season, there are always 30 days a month do not want to go out, then what should be done? Of course, at home to play the air conditioning play the "bear infested love to eliminate," you, lying on the sofa, happy to play the game, do you think it is a little heart?! A true love is love powder "bears" eliminate the crazy pass through, experience authentic "bears" plot, exclusive innovation of six and swastika, regional synthetic elimination method, the crowd can fly into the stunning special effects skills, dust, collection, grass and other barriers to play BOSS…… Cool to simply can not stop!相关的主题文章: