Large shopping malls not top-quality experts teach you how to avoid bad selection of Ningxia msvbvm60.dll

Large shopping malls not top-quality   experts teach you how to avoid bad selection of Ningxia channel, recently, Yinchuan Market Supervision Bureau of Xingqing branch, a branch of the Xixia in Yinchuan City, Wangfujing department store and Xinhua Fang Parkson Ningyang department stores and large shopping malls to clothing, footwear sampling, and how to select qualified the goods are recommended in large shopping malls. Buy clothing, to see the identity of the product, each product should be attached with product labels and certificates, composition and content, containing raw materials, washing mark, size marking business name and address, product name, the implementation of the standard number, grade, Inspection Certificate (inspectors), security technology category etc. content. In addition, the functional clothing also need to use and storage conditions of attention, product use and other content. Regular production of product identification and identification of gaps and improve the accuracy, reliable product quality is not chaos. General selection of high-grade garment fabric, full cotton high count wool fabric, cashmere fabrics such as cotton fabric or clothing; the general selection of imported chemical materials; and low-grade clothing generally used in all fiber materials containing low amount of cotton or polyester fabric. We should pay attention to when choosing component identification and fabric fabric texture, soft, breathable cotton fabric is good. Buy shoes, should pay attention to check the suture line and upper side and bottom adhered seam. Touch the shoes inside, look inside the shoe and the inner bottom are uneven, so as not to scratch the foot. Check the heel stiff parts, cannot have goukan traces below the ankle flexibility is good, not perfect, otherwise easy to damage the ankle. Market regulation law enforcement officers in particular to remind consumers to pay close attention to the authority of the Department of commodity inspection information released, the purchase of substandard goods, you can call 12345, 12315 to report. (reporter wisdom) (Li Yanfen, Ma: commissioning editor sweet)相关的主题文章: