Last year, the Chinese inbound tourists travel South Korea accounted for

Last year, the Chinese inbound tourists travel Korea Japan and Vietnam accounted for the top three in September 30th, jointly organized by the China Tourism Research Institute and Visa company, China’s inbound tourism development annual report conference held in Beijing on. Chinese Tourism Research Institute, Dr. Dai Bin, vice president of Visa Chinese District of Mr. Yang Wenming were the keynote speech, Chinese Tourism Research Institute International Research Group released on behalf of Dr. Li Chuangxin key point and the main data of the report. The "report" that, gradually realize the national economic and social development and the "China dream", the implementation of visa, customs clearance, tax, traffic rights facilitation policy, China and South Korea, India, Chinese – East European tourism, especially the innovation efforts of the national tourism administrative departments in the global promotion and destination marketing, continued growth for the inbound tourism market to provide a basis for protection and new energy. In 2015, China’s inbound tourism began to enter the steady growth of the new normal. The report shows that in 2015 China’s inbound tourists 133 million 820 thousand and 400 passengers, an increase of 4.14%. 2015 China’s inbound tourism foreign exchange revenue of $113 billion 650 million, tourism services trade surplus of $9 billion 150 million. 2015 China’s inbound tourists 56 million 885 thousand and 700 passengers overnight, an increase of 2.30%, the total market size of the world’s largest in the world, second only to France, the United States and spain. The report shows that in 2015 China Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan is still the mainland (mainland) inbound tourism market, accounting for 80.58% of the total market share. The top ten inbound tourists are: South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, the United States, Russia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, India. Among them, the Vietnamese tourism to China grew by 26.40%, the most significant increase. The "report" shows that the level and characteristics of inbound tourists from the short-range diffusion diffusion flow path was continued diversification. The overall evaluation of inbound tourism service quality in China in 2015 was significantly higher than that in the year of 2014. The "report" survey of 10 domestic tourist city typical results show that inbound tourists in the first visit to Chinese mostly tourists, understand the special culture and the main purpose of Chinese sightseeing is inbound tourists visit, travel expenses, travel and transportation, travel safety is the most concerned about the decision-making factors of inbound tourists, landscape scenery, culture the art of cooking, delicacy is the most favorite tourist items for inbound tourists. The "report" that, for organic complementary inbound outbound and domestic three markets, continue to promote the visa, air traffic rights, shopping and tourism facilitation policy, relying on inbound tourism data and global tourism development to promote the reform of the supply side, with well-known research based on Optimization of national and local tourism image marketing. "The annual report" China inbound tourism development as China Tourism Research Institute "1+8+X" series of annual report data analysis, always adhere to the forward-looking policy oriented, solid market research, rigorous perspective, in-depth focus is currently on the market China inbound tourism for the most authoritative information, the most good相关的主题文章: