Lin Chiling for the first time a positive response to the true ability to recover Edison Chan temper 3u8895

Lin Chiling Edison Chan: the first positive response to recover temper – Lin Chiling recently in an interview with entertainment Sohu Edison Chan really have the ability to respond positively to   Beijing August 27, Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Lin Chiling, Edison Chan was scolded, asked by the media on the matter, "will respond well face", "feel wronged, let a person very distressed. She recently in an interview, said the whole thing still feel confused, but she will try to digest all this, and for the first time a positive response to Edison Chan "really have the ability to recover the temper". Lin Chiling recently accepted the visit, of course, was not free to ask Edison Chan, although agent in the process of continuous jump out to shout "please do not mention the name of Edison Chan, Shupei Qin", but Lin Chiling is still in chaos in the opening "me." Lin Chiling said that she and the program group is still confused, but do not want to use negative emotions and we believe that action and communication, time will prove everything, think that they must take positive energy to overcome, not think about others, and frankly, I was not so strong, also will feel wronged, will need more power." As for her critics, Lin Chiling said I still do not understand the truth, though both sides accept the voice is the first course of artists, but still hope that this world a little appreciation, a little less criticism, "since you think you have the ability to send this temper, so if you really have the ability to learn to temper. Back, this is also a kind of attitude we should learn." That no one must accept other people’s negative emotions, so even if she was in a bad mood, still want to pass to the positive image.   相关的主题文章: