Lippi 6 days to change the Orangemen offensive rhythm slow international mishap (video)

Lippi 6 days to change the Orangemen offensive rhythm slow [information] international Yingshang Lippi stressed the Orangemen offensive Hengda 6 chuanbangdai – reporter Ma Dexing Kunming reported [this is the team! The national football warm-up 10 minutes before kick out the essence of Lippi let people see hope] attack people were not activated Jiang Zhipeng pot back in the past, we talk about the Chinese national team, there is always a very deep feeling: no offense, not the goal! So, the outside world always say "our strikers will not do", "our wingers, after all no words, no player is Chinese! However, as this paper mentioned, China team scored three goals at the scene to see that half of reporters and fans feel very natural, belongs to the natural. So why did Lippi do the national team for six days and did it? Is it just because the opponent is weak? Don’t forget, met many weak Chinese’s previous match, why not this "natural" feel? It is based on the offensive tactical arrangements and the design of offensive routines, in addition to the offensive forces. International competition rate still need to improve first, from attacking the sense of hierarchy, in 433 formation, on the front of Zhang Xizhe, Yu Dabao and Gao Lin three people is not what we imagine that a center with two wing configuration between the three transverse rotation is very smooth, as shown below. Moreover, three people often have two people will take the initiative to withdraw support in midfield, and then inserted or counter sets, in the second echelon formation attack, and the "Two Echelon" also included Yu Hai and Hao Junmin have two people scheduling. However, the attack is even more critical than the two side guard Jiang Zhipeng and Zhang Linpeng. Two the name of the "wing" Gao Lin and Zhang Xizhe did not go outside, more is to retreat or to go inside, will let out on both sides of the channel, Jiang Zhipeng and Zhang Linpeng left behind, and the two is more like a winger. So, as mentioned above, twenty-seventh minutes when Jiang Zhipeng left side pass, Zhang Linpeng Youlei inserted after that scene on the top, is the best portrayal. Zhang Linpeng in the first half is cut after the shooting, as the country foot opener. In the first half of the game, the offensive is the best left back Jiang Zhipeng, is actually more than just on the run, pass, Jiang Zhipeng defense is also in place. But in the national team, especially in the last game against Uzbekistan, after Jiang Zhipeng came off the bench and was substituted at that time played in, Jiang Zhipeng is not the first pass, the defense also appeared a few times wrong. The player or the player, but why in the different coach’s performance, so the contrast is big? I’m afraid it’s not a problem for the players themselves. Another example is that of Hao Junmin, he and Wuhan zall this teaching game is not as strong as the first four 12 race Secretary defensive midfielder, but more for the midfield series, can give full play to the characteristics of good technology, good control of the ball. Moreover, Hao Junmin defensive pressure is not as strong as the first four games of the 12 games, because he has such a good defensive midfielder behind him, and he has such a comprehensive midfield player in the side of the Zheng Zhi, such as the United States and the United States, the United States and the United states. Put the right players in the right place.相关的主题文章: