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Liu Qianzi "play" Liu play toad generals – Sohu Liu Qianzi entertainment just and stern concerned "Liu play toad generals" play Sohu entertainment news is the hit TV series "Liu play toad", the highest military generals left the general new actress Liu Qianzi played as the daughter of Joe snow, snow Joe the selfless, upright and outspoken very eye-catching. In Nanzhao’s campaign, general Qiao Xue had captured two unidentified men Liu (Chen Haoming) and Zhao Deng (Chi Chung Lam ornaments), did not expect this casual encounter but she bangs XiaGu tender feelings of love at first sight. Scenes cut Liu Qianzi passion is still in the following days, whether the palace or palace, Joe snow clear overtly or covertly have added to the usual ruthless love bangs, bangs when all becomes addicted to see anthomaniac, people laughing. Until the last occurrence of natural disasters, Qiao Xue in order to save the expense of his own life, by netizens praise, lovely and righteous generals and cold. It is understood that Liu Qianzi was born in February 9th, graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy, 170 tall body, very eye-catching, the role of in-depth understanding and appropriate performance skills, so she just graduated have starred in the movie "wind" of the opportunity, she starred in the play and love song dancers, although the final result of the story needs, drama cut off, but unfortunately did not dampen her love and passion for the performing arts, but a firm her excellence, and continuously improve learning to rely on our own efforts. Liu Qianzi: ordinary actor was not an ordinary life after about a continuous stream, in the movie "Du Lala promotion", directed by Xu Jinglei Liu Qianzi as his co-workers in the same department Lisa, then Liu Qianzi was in the TV series "for her portrayal of Cheng Yaoga The legend of Condor Hero", "Liu play toad played" Qiao Xue so impressed the audience, especially shot in a peach tree "open", the crew Liu Qianzi "borrowing" Wang Zhiwen, Xu Fan two old play bone, learn their superb acting and noble character, the role she benefited, not only is acting, and a group of friends harvested in perfect sympathy with each other. In addition, Liu Qianzi not only in business but also keen on public welfare, Liu Qianzi currently serves as the blessing Beijing Charity Foundation Ambassador of love, she praised the "micro public welfare, public welfare from the side to start from scratch has been widely supported. It is reported that Sichuan province Xinlong County, Ganzi primary school children’s card. Liu Qianzi butt charity project, she said. Every time I go back to see the children’s primary school card with a picture of the plateau red smiling face, her heart will melt. There is a love of life, the cause of strong dedication, Liu Qianzi as an ordinary actor, but there is not an ordinary life.   相关的主题文章: