Long March five will be carried out in the middle of 2017 to verify the second flight test-hamimelon

"Long five" will be in the middle of the 2017 second verification flight test – Beijing, China News Agency, Hainan November 3 Wenchang Xinhua (reporter Zhang Su) Chinese maximum thrust of a new generation of rocket Long March No. five 3 in the China Wenchang spaceport successful first flight". Reporters at the subsequent press conference was informed that the long march five will be carried out in the middle of 2017 to verify the flight test second. Chinese, chief engineer of the National Defense Industry Bureau National Space Administration Secretary Tian Yulong said, "13th Five-Year" during the long march five rocket will undertake a series of national major special mission. Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Group Hospital of Long March five rocket commander Wang Jue said, "long five" will be directly applied to the manned space station project, the three phase of lunar exploration project and Mars and other major national science and technology projects, can also be used to launch different orbit large load and deep space exploration task load. Tian Yulong said, long march five will be selected by the end of, the implementation of Chang E No. five launch mission, in 2018 the implementation of the optional space station project launch mission, before and after the launch of Mars mission in 2020. Tian Yulong also said that the national defense science and Industry Bureau in 2010 to carry out heavy rocket demonstration, which lasted a year and the formation of the overall plan, through the organization and the related fields of deepening demonstration of expert consultation, in 2015 the technical scheme of heavy rocket. At present, the state has approved the launch of the first phase of the development of the heavy launch vehicle, which is the key technology research and program demonstration stage. 2015 began to take advantage of 4 – 5 years to carry out key technical research work, focusing on a large number of core technology breakthrough. Heavy rocket is a rocket near earth orbit carrying capacity of 100 tons, after the successful development will meet the future major long period of deep space exploration and manned lunar exploration mission requirements such as the national science and technology activities. At present, the heavy launch vehicle "space launch system" has been transferred to the detailed design and manufacturing stage, Russia plans to develop a heavy launch vehicle by 2030. (end)相关的主题文章: