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Network drama "for? Look" fixing rejuvenated positive energy cited expectations – Sohu entertainment on September 11th, by Yao Wenting served as producer, director of the Liu Bohao youth suspense network drama "for positive energy · Wang" held a ceremony in the shooting fixing Hechuan District of Chongqing, the drama starring Yao Wen, Liu Bohao, Ishikawa, Zong Fengyan Ting, Ceng Yiqi, Xiao Haoran and other actors to attend the ceremony. The drama since August 8th due to boot, combined with today’s hot, fresh curious story has aroused widespread concern in the shooting, the next step is to put more stress in post production. Network drama "for · at the" success "for fixing network drama. Hope" tells the story of the special crowd can meet the desire of your heart through the possession of this APP world of desire, but the desire is just a lure, once in the world of desire reply their needs, will pay a price, to complete the task, the final will develop into a world of desire to obey and rely on, to create maximum benefit for the desire of the people in the world. Network drama "for ·"; at the film posters tightly combines the contemporary young people encountered in the society in the confusion and perplexity, through the film, these content directly presented to the majority of young people, to guide them how to face these issues head-on, how to choose the right path, in the future of life on the road. The most wonderful yourself. The drama by Xiao Haoran, Ceng Yiqi, Liu Bohao, Luo, Yao Wenting, Zhang Junhan, Zong Fengyan, Li Junfeng, Su Qianwei, Ishikawa, Wang Yan, Li Tingyan, Tan, to a high value of Yan she co starred in the strength of the actors. Network drama "for ·" posters; at the whole drama creative team have a wealth of experience, it is reported that the photographer, editor, art director and creative director Jing Wong Li Shaohong, who has worked. The director Liu Bohao, in addition to the director of identity more play an important role in the play. At the same time, director Liu Bohao and fellow actors Xiao Haoran, old classmates Zhang Junhan and Su Qianwei also starred in the drama, for the first time together this is also the four old classmates, fellow actor believe high Yan value and the ups and downs of the plot, acting fusion of rich people, "to ·"; hope will be better, will as a well as sincere.相关的主题文章: