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Lottery trend: Herta kept unbeaten home court in Malaga 16169 lottery instability mainly by De Yi method, and B 2 big league, and even against the hemisphere disk has the most difficult quiz, check, screening more suggestions for selection of any nine betting lottery friends, or the use of filtering software for fault tolerance, can greatly reduce the amount of investment the rate of return on investment, optimization. Number: Brent gall Bo Bo found, the way Brent can boolean lattice battle to beat strong Rangers, and finally stopped the four round of league games would, the momentum of recovery is obvious, and is back on track, and the past few seasons at Fulham clash was obvious advantages, promising two usher in a row in the home court. The farmers, since 14 years after relegation from the Premier League, serious loss of personnel, the strength record fell sharply, falling nearly 2 seasons were ranked in the range of downstream championship, also to avoid relegation, there was no qualification for the upgrade to the Premier League, the league can only be located in the middle level of the whole. Limited strength. However, after about Kano Albion took over the team, this season’s record rise, enhance road scoring ability, therefore in the win the victory at the same time, single can add anti draw. Method B League zhanba 13, promoted Orlean made only 2 wins 4 flat 7 negative record, accumulate 10 points, hovering near the relegation zone, the overall performance is very bad, the strength of the team with the race of weak problems exposed, it is difficult to adapt to the method B League rhythm, possibility of short-term change little. Don’t be misled the ranking is higher than that of Orlean Bourg, in the quasi strength, because some time ago the downturn led to their current rank downstream interval, by adjusting the running, their recent record began to rise, and the home court, obvious advantages, promising way will play. Other number: Herta kept unbeaten, Malaga home court instability this season Herta continued the season started the season strong, stable performance, especially its home court record, still unbeaten, state well. Although the strength of the dominant hand against Borussia, advantage, but the week after the war in Europe, not a physical double battle, and they are not very good at fighting away, it is difficult to be overestimated, between Malaga and the 31 suggested two gijn strength gap is not great, nearly 2 season in their home court against Gijon is only one goal, the advantage is not obvious, found a lack of confidence, affirmative heavy, so the fundamentals, William Hill opened 1.75-3.6-4.75 odds combination, Shengping location in the high point in the negative for maintenance, by hot pressure compensation Shengping huge, cold and full of Xiaochan suggest double choose 30, single all inclusive.相关的主题文章: