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"Love it" hilarious double 11 Ming yiyanbuge parted "we love it" hilarious laugh if we fall in love again and again "off-line" interaction effect out of the blue suit tall handsome Ming Ming game gift Sina entertainment news the evening of November 10th, TV drama "we love it" the same interactive drama (sketches) landing double 11 carnival night. Ming [micro-blog], Ma Chengcheng two people for the first time to perform routine but full, not only high Yan two bit value let you shine at the moment, "the audience love as" hilarious live mode poke in the more the bursting point, adorable little. Ming Ma Chengcheng group CP yiyanbuge parted "we love comedy" off-line "fruit laugh again and again as a double 11 carnival night only language programs, not only interactive drama (comedy) in the name of TV drama and keep" amazing ", Ming, Ma Chengcheng also restore the integrity of the characters and Shaogu Huang Jian Zhen interpretation of a story, detached from the outside of a sketch, climax the background music played in the scene of the same name Aska Yang singing the theme song. In the interactive drama (comedy) "we love it", Ming, Ma Chengcheng yiyanbuge parted, the "love" of the couple in their offbeat comedy "live mode, every TV audience’s adorable and poke the point, laughed fruit full pocketed the eye. Dressed in a blue suit. Tall and handsome perfectly overbearing president offensive breath. "Feng ball" Ma Chengcheng thin after a successful live premiere, dressed in a black lace dress, elegant yet girlish playful atmosphere, turned gorgeous she was friends shouted "bad sister Word". The carnival night scene, Jane Zhen romantic fantasy and straightforward personality (Ma Chengcheng ornaments) a word not just broke up, Shaogu (Huang Ming ornaments) with gentle killer but accidentally touching the minefield. Not only the double 11 wish to eat a meal "simple faith lost his girlfriend Jane Chen pressed more unreasonable lovers quarrel is necessary" former "topic, Huang Shaogu miserable situation so users lamented real distressed, overbearing president also can not escape the haze of ex girlfriend". A "woman on the edge" so, or time with the love of the small Ming Chongni eyes stared at Ma Chengcheng, and proved that "high value" Yan’s girlfriend "are fun friends sharp evaluation. The new mode of interactive drama when everyone can "director" like "large scale" to touch the face to kill the wonderful world "we love the interactive drama" the new interactive performance, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the audience, the last link of the plot, by the "guide" (audience) voted. And taste slightly heavier "son" who was not disappointed have voted for the autumn (bit poplar ornaments) will be "love arrow" fired tonight has been down on the luck Ming, more users a message was more than I have so evil heart". Indeed, because of "Ming love arrow" to have a crush on autumn love bits, like "large scale" to touch the face of autumn to kill bit poplar, stunned in front of the TV scene and buddy, but love "timely lifting of the magic of love bring order out of chaos.". And Ma Chengcheng was mistaken for love "to fight their own"相关的主题文章: