Lu Yi for her daughter to do the birthday of a dream to attend an international school vidown

Lu Yi for her daughter to do the dream birthday party grew up studying international school recently, Lu Yi in the micro-blog out of the sun held for her daughter Belle’s birthday party photos from the photo can be seen, the whole party is taking the warm fantasy style, and the eight year old Belle wearing a red bow, wearing a little white dress dress, surrounded by in the crowd, like a little princess. Belle’s mother also micro Bo said: "My Belle is eight years old, I wish you a Happy birthday, may three a small wish you can achieve" more drying out with her daughter kiss photos, all the users in the belle send birthday wishes at the same time, also said: good family Yan, high value. Don’t be unhappy, envy ah! Belle see this happy family, indeed to many people said that the parents of the child have much impact? My parents will be able to see the child, also saw the child will be able to see the parents, see Beckham children innocent and lively, brave and kind, you know how mom and dad are to receive education. Family education, school education is on the one hand, the couple still not careless, it is reported that Lu Yi couple from kindergarten to choose very carefully, as many stars as parents, they also chose the international school for her daughter, Belle attended Song Qingling international kindergarten, Yao Ming, Wang Zhiwen, Ting Zhang, Ma Yili’s children are in school here Oh, this school bilingual education, and school facilities are very complete, indoor swimming pool, multi-purpose stadium, radio and television studio digital campus system and so on are everything, in September last year, Song Qingling Belle has also from kindergarten graduation to primary school, the International School of APP Download, look at what other international schools can directly increase primary school from kindergarten. Scan two-dimensional code, download the international school APP this article for Sina Education International School column original article, unauthorized reprint prohibited. Sina education parents class!! The classroom curriculum: August 2nd "parents apply for U.S. schools, children also need to customize the program 4" [] "the August 4th Qilian Mountains dry cargo for their undergraduate study in" Xu Yi [August 9th] "the dry cargo to apply for U.S. schools, how to choose the new SAT ACT test and pro? "Xu Yi [August 10th]" the dry cargo secret is three of the world’s top art institutions value works what the word "Wen Li [August 11th] the dry cargo" parents, how to cultivate students’ self-learning attitude "TOEFL [Qilian Mountains] August 16th" China the dry cargo students and American host family "spark" Lu "Wei [article] August 17th" dry cargo of American students after graduation and the development trend of the U.S. green card for "Li Kai [article] August 18th" how to dry cargo from the application perspective of international curriculum International School "laocha [August 23rd] the dry cargo" to apply for U.S. schools how to plan extracurricular activities "laocha [the] August 24th" American dry cargo with the Canadian immigration benefits, risk, life comparison "[September 5th] the Luo Ning dry cargo" cannot read what the university ranking To apply for U.S. schools "Huang De Jong [article] Philippines dry cargo相关的主题文章: