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Advertising Lyric Labs in Malaysia has experienced some impressive growth ever since it launched the translation services in 2010. Lyric Labs has an estimated 3000 plus clients and 1500 active translators for 140 and more languages, which puts it ahead of all of its other .petitors after four years of its inception. This seems to indicate that there is faster growth for a one stop service provider in Malaysia. According to the .panys CEO, Caren Caye, Lyric Labs also seems to have the most number of top .panies in Malaysia as its clients, with more than 10 million words translated per year. Lyric Labs is clearly the market leader in Malaysia, ahead of the .petition. In 2014, Lyric Labs grew 200 percent, which may seem impressive, as the translation industry in Malaysia grew only 57 percent during the year. What difference has Lyric Labs brought to the Malaysian Market? Malaysian .panies was largely using Individuals and a few private .panies for translation till 2010. The issue with the individuals and these private .panies was the availability of network of translators and scalability. Most of the clients choose to work with Lyric for the availability of quality translators and its strength to scale depending on the project volume. For example, when May bank had a software localization project and a tight deadline, according to the client, Lyric was the only agency that accepted to perform and produced the progress sheet and clearly fell within the deadline. The reason was the number of translators readily available for each language and more importantly the translators are industry trained so that the translation is produced with high relevance to the user group. Global Presence – The real differentiator Lyric Labs is present in 9 locations globally including USA, UK, Middle East and Singapore. This brings in the experience to handle the most challenging projects and deliver them as expected. Many medical devices .panies having .plex translation requirements trust Lyric Labs to deliver the right translation services in Malaysia. Pricing – The deciding phenomenon in all Major Markets. As the .pany has a long standing relationship with translation and localization partners globally and been outsourcing work since 2005, the price is negotiated to match the best in the market. On yearly contracts clients save upto 30% on translation services in Malaysia. If you are looking to outsource or get your translation services done, consider Lyric labs, the largest translator network in Malaysia. Call +603 22741151 for more details. About the Author: Lyric Labs, a globally recognized translation .pany has more than 7000 native translators worldwide. Our clients are industry leaders in the given field. We have 40 offices worldwide and over 25 employees in India. On our expansion program we are looking for the following position Article Published On: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: