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Business With almost anything there is opportunities to make money and hammered coins are no different. For years specialist collectors of hammered coins have been able to make a fortune from buying and selling hammered coins; particularly Celtic hammered coins and English hammered coins. The key to success is being able to pick up coins at cheap prices, often from people who are less knowledgeable on coins, and selling them on to those who are able to understand the true value and demand that surrounds them. With so many collectors and dealers out there, it is not difficult to be able to sell the right coin for a very lucrative price. Finding hammered coins at cheap prices can often be easier when you are buying from someone who has less expertise in the area. To do this you should consider attending car boot sales and auctions where by you feel it is less likely that the seller will be able to attain the same value that they would when selling to a specific audience of collectors. When you see a coin that you are aware could sell for a good price, decide on what kind of margins you feel you need in order to ensure you will be able to make a satisfactory amount of money from the transaction. Then, be sure not to offer more than that when making an offer. In an auction or car boot sale environment you will be able to pick up much better deals, especially when you are able to negotiate with the seller or simply win by placing the highest bid in the case of an auction. When you are buying an old hammered coin with the intention of re-selling it, you should be sure that you are buying exactly what you think you are, and that it is authentic. Always do research before hand, and do not be scared to ask questions in an effort to ensure that you are not being ripped off. After you have bought the coin, do not forget to get the persons contact details from which you have bought the coin from. If you find out that you have been treated unfairly later on, then you should be able to contact the seller and get a refund. When it .es to selling your coins, then patience can often be a virtue. In the same way that you need to pick a price and hold your guns when buying hammered coins, the same goes when selling them. With experience, and as your business grows, you will start to build a .work of buyers that may be willing to buy your coins without any effort on your part in terms of advertising or other promotional methods you should contact them first and let them know the price that you are willing to sell for. Once you get in the hammered coins business, it can be especially helpful to build a good relationship with other dealers. Make sure that you always play fair, and over time you are bound to build a profitable enterprise. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: