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Medicine While it is no longer unusual for men to go under the knife in pursuit of cosmetic enhancement, we still tend to think of plastic surgery as the domain, primarily, of women. Today however the demand for male plastic surgery is growing enormously and you may be curious as to which procedures all these image-aware men are queuing up for. First of all, let’s look at why male plastic surgery is different to female. One of the reasons is that men age differently to women. Secondly, according to experts men have a lower pain threshold than women. Third, studies have shown that there is also a greater chance, with certain procedures (e.g. facelifts). of .plications in men than in women patients. Finally, men still may experience greater embarrassment about their decision to undergo cosmetic surgery and prefer to keep it a private matter. Long periods of recovery are not an option for them. It makes sense, therefore, that many surgeons prefer to offer simpler, more straightforward surgical enhancement procedures to men. So what are the most fashionable male plastic surgery procedures today? Liposuction The most popular sites for male liposuction are the love handles, the tummy (known in South Africa as the beer boep’) and the chest. Rather than a weight loss solution, liposuction is a sculpting technique that should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise Correction of saggy eyelids: The upper lids can be quickly and safely lifted, with excess fat and skin easily removed. This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic. The patient checks out on the same day and the results are usually extremely good. There is some bruising for a few days but scarring is minimal. Lower lids can also be treated but this is a much trickier procedure and therefore less popular among men. Neck Surgery: An Anterior Cervicoplasty is a simple, two-step procedure performed as a day case with sedation and local anaesthetic. First the neck is liopsucked via tiny cuts below the ear which leave almost no scarring. Next any loose turkey neck’ skin is removed. This second step can result in a small but acceptable’ scar near the Adam’s apple. Male Facelift Many surgeons prefer to do a conservative facelift on their male patients, as the usual techniques can result in somewhat effeminate results and certain other undesirable A male facelift will typically focus on the cheek skin and jowls. Hair transplants Male-pattern hair loss can today be effectively treated by hair transplants. Modern techniques result in far more natural-looking results than in previous years. Botox This popular non-surgical treatment course can quickly and easily rectify or diminish wrinkles, crow’s feet and frown lines. Repeat sessions are required as this is not a permanent solution. Apart from these procedures, which generally aim to counter the effects of aging on the male body, many body-conscious younger men are also signing up for pectoral, calf, bicep and tricep implants to enhance and address areas which they find not responsive to gym workouts. With the rise of the Metrosexual, modern men of all ages want to look good, and this is clearly reflected in the upswing in numbers of male plastic surgery candidates. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: