Man quarrel with his wife after being evicted from their homes by the river to commit

Man quarrel with his wife after being out of the house the river to commit suicide rescued Wang Longxing (left) and bedraggled man rescued in the ambulance on the original title: the "clay" Why become "net red" on September 3rd at 9:45 in the evening, Fuling District Public Security Bureau police Anti Terror detachment Wang Longxing, a person walking in the Fuling Binjiang Jiangnan Park, by dim light the shore, he was also covered with a layer of yarn. Chongqing evening news trainee reporter correspondent Yang Hua Hu Junteng photo coverage to save the original, Wang Longxing and his wife weekend appointment to go out to play together, but Wang Longxing received a temporary mission, travel plans to soak up the soup. At this time, his wife fell ill, but the day did not see his shadow. Home from work at night, Wang Longxing was "bang" out of the house. The Yangtze River calm as a mirror, six or seven metres from the shore of the river, a man will be immersed in the water called legs. At first, it was just a man’s knee. When Wang Longxing looked up again, found the water over his neck, only a head in the river. Wang Longxing stepped forward and asked, "what are you doing? Come up quickly." The other replied: "don’t you tube." Wang Longxing immediately react – man to commit suicide, he immediately dialed 110 and 120. Men commit suicide with the River drift downstream to the ups and downs. Wang Longxing couldn’t swim and hurried to a nearby ship to find lifejackets, grabbed a buoy just jumped into the river, swam toward the man, choked several slobber. Wang Longxing arrived at the man side, the other has been in a coma. Wang Longxing immediately put him on a life buoy, dragged him to the shore, near the shore, Xing Xing exhausted, two people are trapped in the mud. To help the people around, Wang Longxing and suicidal man on the shore. Wang Longxing immediately to rescue him, through 3 minutes cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the man finally spit out the river, gradually waking up. Wang Long Xingchang sighed and said to him: "you should thank my wife, she should not quarrel with me, I won’t come out, come to save you." I did not expect the voice just fell, the other party cried. A suicidal man said, he Zhu, born in 1995, and his first girlfriend broke up, he wanted to Dutch act on impulse. Want to give up halfway to commit suicide, but in the river for a long time, tired, fortunately Wang Longxing rescue. Wang Longxing to Xiao Zhu: "OK, you are still young, what are some, slowly." And when the evening of 12, Wang Longxing returned home with a dirt. On the way home, his heart has been drumming: the wife must still cannot tell her angry, can’t swim also jumped into the river to save things, what about coming home so late, the body is so dirty? Until you get to the door, Wang Longxing still did not think good countermeasures. He did not dare to open the key to open the door, lingering for a long time, and finally summon up the courage to gently knock on the door. The door opened and his wife stood at the door, pulled him into the room and said to him, "I have heard from your colleagues." Net red mud police ugly photos, a short burst of brush on the Fuling circle of friends, he saved 8相关的主题文章: