McDull, rice treasure Raiders mid autumn festival exhibition stalls McDull superhero incarnation &qu wharfedale

"McDull? Rice treasure Raiders" mid autumn festival exhibition stalls: McDull incarnation of super hero " " regression – Culture – last night, as has won three Golden Horse Awards classic McDull new film "McDull" Jones? Rice treasure point reflected in Nanjing, this is the McDull series of seventh the film, but also for the important work of McDull 20 years birthday. The film will be released Mid Autumn Festival 15. "McDull" tells the story of the meal? Treasure Jones McDull dream to become the hero to save the earth, making robot with the innocence of ideas, magical story vs. aliens ass weird, the film is full of brain hole wide open, a powerful and unconstrained style of fantasy. The movie is a familiar figure — McDull, too, but the headmaster, McDull turned to invention teenager, "super hero" image to shoulder the mission of saving the earth, the headmaster turned unlucky in love life in the small fishing village of scientists. The earth monster attacks in the face of its ass, all weapons are useless, even the hero – alien – tie meat Superman eventually, McDull is incapable of action, and the invention of the robot — big meal Bao beat story. McDull success to save the earth, but also round the children’s "monster" dream. In addition to the cute McDull let everyone memorable, some viewers even found that the best supporting actor, the president’s image has become plump. He not only help McDull manufacturing big meal Bao, also accidentally exposed emotional storm". (Kong Xiaoping) (Chen Yuan Shiyao, commissioning editor: soup)相关的主题文章: