Medical Museum laugh biography 2 Li Jiahang, the growth and transformation of the challenge contrast-ratatouille

"2" Li Jiahang Medical Center laugh Li Jinming growing challenge – Chen Anan, Hu Lijin entertainment contrast Sohu Sohu Huace Hatton, entertainment news from Huashan mountain, Fujian Province Radio and Television Group Co produced, directed by Liang Guoguan, Li Jiahang, Jiang Yan, Li Jinming, Wang Yanlin starring costume comedy "Sherlock Medical Museum laugh 2" is the southeast TV hit. You can rely on the face but by the funny expression package, "Zhang Yida Li Jiahang" in "Medicine Museum laugh 2" COS Master in various shapes and adorable ray. Li Jinming will be done with the transformation of the first quarter of the different ways of dealing with Chen Anan, Meng Meng turned passers-by. "2" medical center laugh story still from the small day and Museum of medicine, but the second quarter of the world outlook and background of the story more bizarre, small frame plot after half "Medical Museum Day Group" has been out of the Medical Museum, more twists and turns of the Ming Dynasty to the unknown. Li Jiahang in the "2" Medical Museum laughter, in addition to the chief doctor in order to more casual and elegant bearing, detective tried strange and eccentric dress, regardless of role image ugly to is pretty fight, fans said: "Li Jiahang @ MVP humorous style, a funny skill. The appearance of different styles, women’s clothing, the eunuch, the pirate is amazing, funny than Sherlock Zhu Yipin at small, fast poke my eyes." It can be seen that a good actor for the role of sacrifice will win the audience’s recognition and love. Compared to the Li Jiahang COS as contrast, played by Li Jinming Chen Anan, the contrast is more reflected in the character and experience, from the first quarter, innocent girl Jiao Jiao in the second quarter to take charge as chief of tender small woman, at the same time to recognize the feelings of Zhu Yipin in also experienced a real go through fire and water, and the heart throb, she brings a "gradual" Chen Anan for the audience, the growth trajectory is clearly visible. The protagonists of the two dimension type growth transformation, contrast full routine, "2" Medical Museum laugh at the weekend will usher in the season finale, the ultimate BOSS ningwang and the emperor PK final winner? Zhu Yipin and so on and what role will play? More exciting story of the southeast TV every night to continue to broadcast the "Museum of laughter 2".相关的主题文章: