Merchants Barter Exchange Charlotte Trade Goods And Services

Business The minute you join Tradebank, you’ll be able to begin trading goods and services with other merchants listed in the .prehensive exchange directory. You can barter for more than 100,000 services and inventory items with merchants from your area, other states or even those living in other countries. Merchants from nearby Charlotte and Atlanta, as well as cities such as Knoxville, TN; Oklahoma City, OK; Topeka, KS; or Omaha, NE, and even the Czech Republic are waiting to do business with you. Your business will also be listed and promoted through the Tradebank business guide, showcasing the goods and services you have to offer for barter. The basic premise is simplicity itself. You simply exchange your top-of-the-line goods and services to others and, in return, receive trade dollars. Each trade dollar is worth exactly one American dollar. Once you’ve built up a healthy Tradebank account, you can begin exchanging those trade dollars with other merchants in the Tradebank network for the goods you need. In an increasingly uncertain economy, barter is the solid rock on which you can build a secure business foundation. Not only will you be able to exchange excess inventory for trade dollars, you will also be building a much wider business network with other like-minded merchants. Using sophisticated .puterized tools available to each Tradebank member, you’ll be able to search for and find the exact item your business needs to succeed. Merchant members of Tradebank offer everything from financial planning services, to dinner out; from weight-loss and healthy living webinars to heating and air-conditioning services. If it’s something your business needs, the odds are you’ll find it in Tradebank. Because Tradebank offers such a wide-ranging merchant list, you’ll be able to negotiate prices or simply search for the business owner with whom you feel most .fortable. The barter exchange mechanism employed by Tradebank offers members a secure and easy-to-use platform for finding business and keeping track of your barter transactions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: