Mid Autumn Festival in Changsha major hospitals, emergency opening boee

The Mid Autumn Festival holiday Changsha each big hospital emergency door, open the basic original title: Mid Autumn Festival holiday Changsha each big hospital emergency door, open net Changsha basic news September 16th Mid Autumn Festival holiday two days, some people may want to take advantage of the holiday to the hospital to check the body or the clinic, but do not know whether there is a doctor in the hospital during work. We collect and sort out the major hospitals in Changsha small holiday work, to provide a reference. During the holidays, the Xiangya Hospital on September 15th -17, outpatient and emergency department in accordance with the "without holiday outpatient service" for physicians Zuozhen, open outpatient and emergency department. Internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, neurology, Department of Neurosurgery, consulting room and Emergency Pharmacy, emergency emergency inspection, cashier, emergency B ultrasonic room 1 emergency department office row, arrange support classes and counseling class. The 2 clinic staff office (fugaoyishang staff accounted for 50%). 3 Department of Radiology (X-ray room, CT room, MRI room, etc.), ultrasound imaging, laboratory, artificial kidney, oncology radiotherapy group, hyperbaric oxygen and other related functional departments are arranged on duty. 4 outpatient injection room, outpatient dressing room nurses on duty. 5 fever clinics to work as usual. Xiangya No.2 Hospital outpatient clinic: September 15th -17 open, the outpatient medical departments, specialized laboratory and examination room is also open. Operation: open surgery on -17 September 15th,, Friday (Sunday). Entry and exit: during the holidays, the hospital center for the normal settlement procedures. The Third Xiangya Hospital Outpatient and emergency department of normal open Mid Autumn Festival holiday. Hunan People’s Hospital outpatient surgery: Tianxin Court House District specialist clinics are open, and open internal medicine clinic. Total class: 0731-82278048; adult emergency: 83929120; pediatric emergency: 83929454. In September 15th Second People’s Hospital of Hunan province -17, emergency ward, normal opening, hospital outpatient departments jointly open branch zuozhen. Hospital 24 hours emergency call: 0731-852326500731-85216500; total duty phone: 0731-85232209. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday Hunan provincial Chest Hospital of outpatient and emergency department of normal work, Tel: 0731-88867651. The First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan Medical University from September 15th to 17, 1 outpatient implementation holiday, retired old Chinese medicine outpatient Tingzhen Yi Tang, some well-known experts zuozhen. 2.9 to 18 on the day of the self-service machine and the reservation platform to stop registration. 3 during the holidays, the emergency room, the normal opening. 4.9 am open on Sunday, September 19th (Monday) to resume normal work. Tel: 0731-85600700. The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan TCM University of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday for three days: morning outpatient department of encephalopathy were; internal medicine, gynecology department of Dermatology, anorectal, orthopedics, ophthalmology, acupuncture, massage, spinal pain, surgery department, Department of ENT, Department of paediatrics and open all day long. Department of Stomatology, health counseling outpatient clinic without holidays. Hunan cancer hospital outpatient break, ward doctor on duty. (Xiaoxiang Morning News)相关的主题文章: