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Non motorized motor   in the end I set (worry regarding the optimal solution? Deep discussion about electric cars?) electric bicycle society in accordance with national standards for non motor vehicles, but the reporter unannounced visits found that in the sale of a lot of electric bicycle has reached a maximum speed of the vehicle speed. Mobile non motorized, how should the qualitative? Standard and the dislocation between reality and how to do? Reporters interviewed the relevant person in charge of the National Standards Committee and industry and legal experts. –     1; Q   electric is a non motor vehicle of electric bicycle standards, National Standards Commission relevant responsible person said that the general technical requirements for electric bikes in 1999 introduced the "(GB1776 – 1999) for the current effective on national standards of electric bicycle, the provisions of the main requirements the technology of electric bicycle, a maximum speed of not more than 20 kilometers per hour, vehicle weight of not more than 40 kg. According to the definition of "road traffic safety law" on the non motor vehicle, "to the human or animal driven vehicles on the roads, as well as though power driven design maximum speed, empty quality dimensions, in accordance with the relevant national standards for the disabled motor wheelchair transportation, electric bicycle, electric bicycle with the national standard" technical conditions "of electric bicycle for non motor vehicle. In the presence of the road when the road is divided, the electric bicycle should be in non motorized vehicle lane, and in the non motor vehicle lane, the actual maximum speed should not be greater than 15 km. In addition, according to the definition of "general technical conditions" on the electric bicycle electric bicycle ":" to the battery as a supplementary energy, has two wheels, to achieve human riding, electric or electric bicycle special functions, the basic properties of electric bicycle is a bicycle, riding a bicycle should also have the function of human right, if no human riding function, can not be called a bicycle. The official also said, for the convenience of the people travel, based on traffic safety, the electric bicycle design maximum speed, vehicle quality may be appropriate to improve, but still should have the basic functions of human riding. In addition to electric bicycles, electric vehicles also includes a class of electric motorcycles. The official said that the electric bicycle is a non motorized vehicles, electric motorcycles are motor vehicles, both in the production of access, production supervision, operation management, driver qualifications and other aspects of the management model should be different. Electric bicycle and electric motorcycle are two kinds of products with distinct characteristics, the maximum design speed of electric two wheel motorcycle is more than 50 kilometers. The electric tricycle is currently no national standards, the official response, the State Post Bureau has submitted the "express dedicated electric tricycle technical requirements" mandatory national standard formulation for Standards Committee issued a standard plan. Currently, the preliminary consideration by non motor vehicle management. 2 asked   "speed of 20 km" red line to keep it in accordance with the national standard of electric bicycle speed requirements, design speed of 20 km相关的主题文章: