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Money shameless! Samsung Chinese employees to the dealer to kneel! Sohu technology international authoritative data company IDC recently released the third quarter of 2016 China’s mobile phone market survey report. The first second were seized by the OPPOvivo, as China’s mobile phone market dominance of Samsung is no longer in the top five. The main reason for the decline in Chinese sales due to the Samsung Note7 battery explosion, discrimination against China’s Samsung users caused a direct decline in performance. Recently, Samsung in Shijiazhuang office Jinqiu ordering dinner, dinner is a row of Samsung China employees to Taiwan on stage dealer customers kneel, attracted media attention. According to the witness @ Note7 explosion old old back broke the news that in order to let the dealer orders, Samsung Samsung in Shijiazhuang Office of the autumn dinner order Chinese district management forced collective knees, even hand pressure on employees’ head down. Samsung executives for customers to worship the way of collective apology apology. At the meeting, it was forced to think of this as a means to get more dealers to order. From the IDC data, in China market decline obviously see Samsung, Samsung Korea has been the attitude of the bad, this is Samsung China kneel Samsung employees, North China boss (staff) are all must lead to kneel, kneel, see photos too some employees is not low enough, but also with the hand of staff head kneeling. At that time, Samsung Note7 when it exploded, Samsung overseas markets have a variety of solutions, but China market Samsung try to shirk responsibility (the fire explosion for the cause of the explosion in together CCTV identification results for non commissioned customers), the China Samsung employees to the dealer to order your knees, for these Chinese employees really distressed. It seems that Samsung is not only the consumer as a person, do not put their employees when people. Money shameless, so Samsung corporate culture, really have to take. From the current Samsung executives collective knees to the time point of view, the development of domestic Samsung Note7 explosion does for Samsung mobile phone sales has caused substantial impact (civil aviation bureau also prohibited Note7 large aircraft, this is because Samsung announcement) to the state line version of the delay recall and not much fire explosion shirk lead, so that the formation of a Samsung China discrimination consumer opinion, I believe that is not an executive on channel customer can solve the bow. The media have commented that "some people think that Samsung executives kneel are sincere apology behavior, some people think that Samsung for users of discrimination does not eliminate, kneel only to sell more products, in addition, kneeling is Chinese, Samsung official and not much sincerity." A top down, that Samsung has realized their channels for damage, but also the lack of a formal apology for Chinese consumers, Samsung to restore the reputation of China, there are a lot to do, instead of kneeling once can be resolved.相关的主题文章: