More than 210 pieces of fine cultural relics exhibition Xinjiang Hotan cultural integration history jodie foster

More than 210 pieces of cultural relics exhibition in Xinjiang Hetian culture history – Beijing, China News Agency, Urumqi, September 18 (reporter Sun Tingwen) "the Silk Road — Yutian blend of culture and Art: ancient Xinjiang and Tian art cultural relics exhibition" in Urumqi 18 days to carry out. The Tang Dynasty, the Jin Dynasty Jade monkey Kabuki dance figure paintings, Chinese money, please? Two southern Qiang Jin, the four beast Yun Wen bronze mirror…… Unearthed in Xinjiang Hetian area of nearly 212 pieces of cultural relics will greet the group to attend the fifth session of the Asia Europe Expo China – all friends. In the south of the Tarim Basin, the Xinjiang Hetian, which is located in the southern Tarim basin. Yutian, the history of human activity, can be traced back to the paleolithic. With the opening of the Silk Road, is located along the Silk Road key sections of the Yutian, gradually become the eastern and Western civilizations wheree. Yutian and Chinese as the birthplace of Mahayana Buddhism, Buddhist culture in different geographical marks converge, statues and murals are visible to the former Vatican light buddha. The exhibition is sponsored by the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region foreign cultural showcase one week series of activities, the Yutian historical and cultural background, through the "Silk Road City wufuminfeng", "Textile City? (with sound mind) colorful brocade" and "the spirit of art and beauty and innocence" in three parts, from the production of textile technology, technology, life statues comprehensive show spanning thousands of years of Yutian style. The reporter saw the scene, is the exhibition of cultural relics including various types of pottery, wooden supplies, coins, textiles, wood paintings, Jane wood slips, all kinds of Sculpture Statues, from elegant pottery to exquisite yokan monkey, from chic woodcarving patterns to colorful tapestry silk clothing sweater gorgeous rotten, from the historical heritage the memory of Lu Wenmu? Jane, wooden slips to the mural dandanulike exquisite beyond compare…… Pieces of precious cultural relics, all vividly depicted the historical trajectories of the four civilizations in Hotan exchange, display and field carrying heavy culture and art heritage. The people of Kashi Anwar broke? Buy said, see these historical relics unearthed in Hotan shocked, also felt the diverse history and culture of Xinjiang. Taiwan tourists Zheng Muzhong said, very shocked, the brocade and wood resume by Millennium preserved, allows people to touch the history. (end)相关的主题文章: