More than 3 entrepreneurs failed to venture re employment advantage is obvious – Beijing Chan thinkpad s230u

Over 3 entrepreneurs fail and then venture   go to the employment advantage significantly – Beijing Channel – original title: over 3 entrepreneurs fail after the business newspaper news (reporter Sun Jie) yesterday, it real funds and companies in the "double zero week" survey released thousands of China entrepreneurs. Data show that 83.7% of entrepreneurs believe that even if the failure of the business is also worth, the entrepreneur of the year after the failure of the entrepreneur will choose to start again, 65% of entrepreneurs believe that even if the venture failed to go to the advantage of employment is also very obvious, 32%. Survey data, 56.6% of entrepreneurs are to achieve the ideal and entrepreneurship, the entrepreneur said that the face of the pressure of the preparation of the 98.7%, the 87.7% entrepreneurs can actively face competition. Even if the venture fails, entrepreneurs can maintain a positive attitude. For example, 83.7% of entrepreneurs believe that failure is worth it, 64.5% of entrepreneurs believe that 44.8% business failure after the employment of people who believe that compressive ability is stronger and stronger, 41.7% of people think that management is more overall concept. Entrepreneurial experience "mind", said the report, after the venture entrepreneur mentality and ability have been improved, social relations significantly improved, which significantly enhance the degree of social support, 88.9% personal charm rose sharply 84.8%, a sharp increase in the number of 90.5%. The survey data also show that entrepreneurs believe that the average success rate of entrepreneurial enterprises can reach 26%, the average duration of venture capital companies can reach 4.5 years. (commissioning editor Bao Congying and Gao Xing)相关的主题文章: