More than a dozen pupils were swollen buttocks 3 days without a joint protest parents rainism

More than a dozen pupils buttocks were swollen for 3 days did not fire a joint protest against the parents of 7 children. Mr. Wang provided photos of public network injured public network reported on November 11th, recently, there are users of micro-blog broke the news that Linyi Tangtou Hedong Street office Wuhu primary school, more than and 10 students in the first grade of the teacher with a wood beat, cause the child ass red disappeared for 3 days. More than a joint protest against the parents, hope school will hit the teacher suspended. Linyi City Board of education, said the school is now a detailed investigation of things. 11, parents Wang told the public network news, happened at noon on November 9th, he listened to her daughter, after lunch at noon that day, her daughter and more than and 10 children playing on the playground, the teacher saw the king, let them lie on the podium, with wicker whip ass teaching rod. See 7 children ass Dazhong reporter from Mr. Wang provided the injured photo, smoke purple visible marks. Mr. Wang and many parents went to the teacher, to find a piece of wood is hit, so thick thumb, but the teacher said the children play will fall if corporal punishment of students on the playground. "My daughter on the first grade just two months, usually very obedient and very sensible, because wearing thick ass scars or to shower in her mother found out, after repeatedly asked, her daughter was beaten will say something." Mr. Wang told the public network reporter, the teacher Wang taught Chinese, 57 years old, often because of corporal punishment on students, so the children are afraid of him, was also afraid to tell their parents say. "Now this thing has caused a psychological shadow to her daughter, a teacher is afraid of, crying, the child has not been to school for 2 days." Mr. Wang said that although the child’s language teacher has changed, but Wang is still in school, the children did not dare to go to school. Parents have written a letter of protest, I hope the school will give a statement, Mr. Wang suspended. 11 pm, Dazhong reporter linked Hedong District Education Bureau responsible person and Wuhu more than primary school principals, did not get a response. Linyi City Bureau of education staff told the public network reporter, the school is to conduct a detailed investigation of things. (originally entitled "Linyi ten students beaten red parents ask the teacher suspended") editor: Dai Quanying相关的主题文章: