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"Mother" Liu Tingyu Lu Yulin dash forward group Sohu Liu Tingyu Lu Yulin entertainment group gave birth to "mother 2" stills Sohu in many entertainment news of the costume drama has worked for Liu Tingyu and Lu Yulin, joining the city to join big emotional drama "mother" rush forward, played a pair of quarrelsome lovers, which gave birth to the brigade, the highly anticipated and attention. "Mother" is produced by dash forward wind film, and Liu Tingyu, Hailu Qin and Guo Xiaodong Lu Yulin were composed of two families, about modern urban women self-reliance story. The play will be landing in Shanghai TV channel broadcast on the night of 19 points, four night free. The travel agency business manager Yin Beibei Liu Tingyu played in the play, and Hailu Qin is also Guo Xiaodong’s cousin bestie. Is a simple straightforward, very enthusiastic, but careless personality, the most important thing is to make love with her husband". Lu Yulin’s husband has a cubic, unclubbable IT Indoorsman, typical workaholic, get married like collection of Yin Beibei, but the ineloquent shortcomings often let the conflict between husband and wife and two children, this thing is to become more two people quarrel. "Mother" rush forward the focus of the current urban women’s marriage and career, family and self topic, drama, Yin Beibei and Zeng cubic contradiction — one of the children is many young couples will face the problems. Liu Tingyu and Lu Yulin as the couple although usually feeling wonderful, loving a plus, but also Dadanaonao constantly, even once suffered a marriage crisis, this is a true portrayal of the young family of real life. On the birth of this event, the two actors have made it clear that this is based on the love and responsibility on the matter, the husband and wife should be a little more understanding and tolerance, so that life can be better.   相关的主题文章: