Nanjing restriction order on the first day of divorce increased by three times, the majority of youn-beself

The number of divorces in Nanjing increased by three times in the first day of implementation of the purchase order, and the number of young people rose sharply yesterday. Xinhua newspaper visual center reporter Wu Jun house restriction order issued, so many people think of divorce. Will the number of divorced people in Nanjing be more like the phenomenon of Yaohao appearing in Shanghai recently? As of 5:00 yesterday evening, the Yangtze Evening News reporter learned from the Municipal Civil Affairs Department, a total of 320 couples divorced in the city, is 3 times the number of normal divorce on weekdays. What is silent is that some couples who have come to divorce cannot handle it because they are too late to prepare for divorce. The marriage registration department says: if the number is invalid, we must come back tomorrow. Yesterday, the number of divorces is three times the usual, yesterday morning, Nanjing marriage registration "district" Jiangning district has been a lot of people to deal with the purchase order for divorce. In the morning, nearly 80 couples got the number. According to the person in charge of the Department, usually on Monday than other working days registered a little more, usually 20 couples for divorce. By the end of the working hours, only 40 of the 80 couples were divorced. The main reason was that the material was not uniform. The agreement divorce also involved the registration of the children’s resettlement and property distribution. However, because the purpose of "false divorce" was too obvious, these couples considered the loss. Reporters learned that, in these divorced couples, and 35 to 45 years old between the young and more. Similarly, in the Gulou District marriage registration office, more than 50 couples divorced yesterday, usually more than ten pairs. Among them, the husband and wife had been holding a hand when they got divorced, and the smile was as good as usual, and there was no painful expression from the divorce. "Today is a good day for marriage registration, the solar calendar is September 26th, the lunar calendar is August 26th, but in this double good day, the number of divorce in the district is generally more than the number of married people." Municipal Civil Affairs Department stakeholders, yesterday was the first day of the purchase order began, the number of divorces soared to 320 pairs, while in peacetime, the normal handling of divorce each day is about 100 pairs. High housing prices and false divorce are double risks. Wu Yiming, a professor at the Institute of social development, Nanjing Normal University, reminds people who believe housing prices will continue to be strong: funds entering the current high housing prices themselves are risk, and then to deal with false divorce is tantamount to double risks. "Restrictions on the purchase of excessive real estate behavior is necessary, the unilateral inflated prices have hit the real economy and the economic structure of the city, selling a school district housing can save a listed company is not a legend. "Professor Wu said that the introduction of the restriction policy is very necessary, but there are countermeasures to the policy, in recent years, through the divorce drilling property policy loopholes in the phenomenon is common in all parts of the country, not new things. In the past few years in Shanghai, the number of divorced people led to the marriage registration office needs Yaohao every day to have the ability to handle. Many people take divorce as a means to meet their own needs of speculation, it does not seem illegal, but it is not enough to understand the risks. "High housing prices have brought too much risk, divorce once again bring family risk, in this case, a family for speculative needs, desperate to pay high cost."." Wu Yiming remind is processing and preparation

南京限购令实施首日离婚人数增三倍 中青年居多 离婚人数昨激增。新华报业视觉中心记者 吴俊 摄   房子限购令出台,让很多人想到去办理离婚。南京离婚人数会不会多到像上海近期出现的摇号现象?截至昨天傍晚5:00,扬子晚报记者从市民政部门了解到,全市共有320对夫妇离婚,是平日正常离婚人数的3倍。令人无语的是,一些来离婚的夫妻,因来不及准备离婚材料而没能办理。婚姻登记部门表示:过号无效,得明天重新再来。   昨天离婚人数是平日的三倍   昨天一早,南京市婚姻登记“大区”江宁区已经有不少人来应对限购令办理离婚。一上午,共有近80对夫妻拿到号。据该处负责人介绍,平时周一比其他工作日登记的人略多一点,一般是20几对夫妻办理离婚。截止到下班时间,80对夫妻中仅有40对办理离婚,主要原因是“材料不齐”,协议离婚也涉及到子女安置、财产分配登记本材料,然而因为“假离婚”的目的过于明显,这些夫妻考虑失全。记者采访了解到,在这些来离婚的夫妻中,又以35岁―45岁之间的中青年为多。   同样,在鼓楼区婚姻登记处,昨天有超过50对夫妻办理离婚,平时是十几对。其中有夫妻俩办离婚时一直搀着手笑容和蔼如常,并没有离异所带来的痛苦表情。   “今天是婚姻登记中结婚的好日子,阳历是9月26日,阴历是8月26日,但这个双重好日子里,各区离婚人数普遍超过了结婚人数。”市民政部门相关人士介绍,昨天是限购令开始执行的第一天,离婚人数猛增到320对,而在平时,每天正常办理离婚的也就是100对左右。   高房价+假离婚是双重风险   南京师范大学社会发展学院教授吴亦明提醒那些认定房价将继续坚挺的市民:资金进入眼下的高房价本身就是风险,再去办理假离婚无异于双重风险。   “限购对于抑制过度炒房行为很有必要,房价单方面虚高已经冲击实体经济和城市的经济结构,卖出一套学区房能挽救一个上市企业并不是传说。“吴教授说,限购政策出台显得非常必要,但有政策就有对策,近年来通过离婚钻房产政策漏洞的现象,在各地都司空见惯,不是新鲜事。前阵子在上海,离婚人群之多导致婚姻登记处每天需要摇号才有能力办理。很多人把离婚作为一种手段满足自己投机的需要,看上去并不违法,但对于其中的风险却认识不够。   “高房价已经带来过度的风险,离婚又再次带来家庭的风险,这样的情况下,一个家庭出于投机的需要,铤而走险付出了高额成本。”吴亦明提醒正在办理和准备办理假离婚的人:房价不会始终坚挺,不要对高房价过度乐观,日本上世纪90年代房价泡沫破碎的惨痛教训还没有走远。   扬子晚报全媒体记者 董婉愉 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: