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National Master of Arts and crafts works unveiled at the Yantai Expo – People Beijing, Beijing, Yantai, September 23 (Zhang Yulei Liu Boxun) 23, 2016 China (Yantai) folk arts and crafts Expo attracted many foreign artists with outstanding works to the exhibition. The master of Arts and crafts Chinese snuff bottle, Zhang Rucai China embroidery master Cai Meiying embroidery and other famous works become the exhibition highlights. The site will see reporters at the Expo Bo people, people gathered in the works of masters, many national arts and crafts masters, masters of a national non heritage inheritors Nie Xiyu, the tiger China jade carving master Li Hongbin agate carving, master of Arts and crafts of Anhui province Yu Qing Xi Yan, Fujian arts and crafts Yan Lei umbrella Shandong Province, ceramic art master Fang Hong glass art, Cao wells third generation sachet sachet Crafts Master qiu. In the exhibition site, the eight immortals gourd intangible cultural heritage Song Yuliang brought the big gourd gourd material is particularly striking, more than and 80 cm high, circumference of more than and 100 cm, weighing more than and 30 pounds. Master Chinese National Arts and crafts porcelain Xiong Guorui snow landscape painting "Liangyuan" snow has also attracted many exhibitors. Xiong Guorui said that he was more than and 10 years old began to contact China, this work is based on the traditional Chinese porcelain culture. Xiong Guorui said that the people’s Expo has become an exchange platform, he hopes to be able to make friends, learn from each other. At the same time, many of Jiaodong’s traditional culture masters have also unveiled the China Fair, exhibition, Yantai woolwork paper-cut, Penglai sculpture etc. with the Jiaodong regional characteristics of Arts and crafts works. Wang Wei, chairman of Yantai Folk Art Association, Yantai is famous for its handicraft industry city, Yantai woolwork, watches and other prestigious people, held in the Expo so that some of the projects to be re mining. In order to enhance China Fair interest, during the exhibition will be held in Yantai City, the first micro Film Competition outstanding works show, "Le nest" The Brain inflatable maze, creative activities. 2016 Chinese (Yantai) folk crafts fair had held six, sponsored by China folk literature and Art Association, the Federation in Shandong Province, Yantai municipal government, the theme is "inheritance, exchange, cooperation, development and innovation", has attracted 10 countries and regions exhibitors. (end)相关的主题文章: