National judicial and administrative information at all levels of specialized agencies up to 784 –

All levels of national judicial and administrative information specialized agencies reached 784 – Beijing reporter trainee reporter Li Hao reporter Cai Changchun from the construction of national judicial and administrative information recently held a meeting that promote the administration of justice information network platform and infrastructure construction has made great achievements, relying on the national e-government network or local government network, Unicom national judicial administrative organs the basic realization of the city, province, 3 prisons, drug and judicial administrative network system covering the whole country, the judicial administrative system the basic form of business network. The country has 13 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) specialized agencies set up a separate information system, 28 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) bureau of prisons, 21 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) drug information bureau set up specialized agencies, judicial and administrative organs at all levels to set up specialized agencies information 784. According to reports, the national prison system initially built a national prison informatization standard system, the national prison criminals database and prison police information database, security management, supervision, criminal prison affairs overt 14 prison service system, the ability to prevent prison technology and law enforcement standardization level increase, online entry, online management, online supervision Online examination, law enforcement information construction basically completed. It is reported that, during 12th Five-Year, the national administration of Justice Information invested a total of 10 billion 540 million yuan of construction funds, effectively protect the smooth implementation of the judicial administrative information construction.相关的主题文章: