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National School District room PK: China’s school district room is the most expensive? Recently, an article entitled: 1 million 500 thousand to buy a school district of 10 square corridor, the news brush burst circle of friends, astronomical school district room this topic once again hit the pain of the majority of Chinese parents. "Don’t let the children lose parents become the most Chinese creed of this sentence at the starting line, so Chinese for the child’s future, often spending billions of dollars to buy the school district room even Zaguomaitie to get into the" elite "qualification. 47 square meters of housing prices in the school district and other news. Today, Chinese parents eyes is no longer limited to domestic, but some developed countries in education resources more prominent, in a better education for their children, now we have to look at the popular country major overseas school district room and we have no difference. America: you want to be good, you have to buy expensive private schools in the United States in general are good schools, but the tuition is more expensive. So we are talking about the American school district housing is mainly refers to public schools. The concept of the American school district room in the minds of parents, of course, as well as special attention to "let the children lose at the starting line," the idea of Chinese parents in mind, but the United States also exists in the school district room. Unlike in China, the good school district house is not so expensive. And China want to attend the school district must have house property is different, both in the United States is rented or owned property, the children are free on the regional public schools, even the children don’t have to spend money on the school bus. However, such a public school is still good or bad. Because the school funding is local government funding from the collection of property tax to the public schools, it is within the area of the house prices more expensive, more tax, the school can get more funding, will have more funds for construction and teachers training school, the school is better. So if you want to attend public schools in the United States, the higher the average price, the area of the school is better. English: in order to enter the elite, 2 times the price to buy the school district room because the British public school is "scribe nearest school and the educational level is uneven in quality, so high in the UK school district room price Chinese as staggering. Especially primary school. British parents tend to be looking for a school district when their children are not yet at school age. Good public elementary school, can affect the growth of around 40% of house prices. For example, Holland Park School is a London’s very high quality public schools, in order to obtain a qualification for admission, British parents are willing to pay 79% higher than the same area of the house price to buy the house in the school district! Located in Cheshire Altrincham Girls Grammar School, the British parents are crazy, willing to pay higher prices than the same area of 223% of the price, only to give the child to take up an enrollment quota! In the UK Tudor Gr solihull.相关的主题文章: