Nearly 82% elderly people in Beijing have the potential to support the

Beijing nearly 82% elderly homeowners can become a potential pension support original title: nearly 82% elderly people in Beijing have real estate pension of 3000 yuan pension real estate has become a potential Yuejun economic support Beijing morning news (chief reporter Cui Hong) 50 years old people in Beijing City, has its own property right house and the proportion of nearly 82%, 7.7%. The old man has two sets of real estate. The day before the release of the "2016 Beijing pension industry blue book" that old Beijing pension is not very high, but real estate really can become a potential economic support pension. The "blue book" said, these houses before and after nearly half in 2000, housing area of 50 square meters to 100 square meters, household appliances complete. From the housing situation and household equipment, the overall situation of the elderly in Beijing is good." Have their own homes can not only achieve home care, but also through the lease and sale of the way to provide potential economic support for the elderly. The "blue book" said that the vast majority of elderly people rely on a pension, the monthly average of 3000 yuan. It is worth noting that, in the single elderly, 23% of people less than $3000 pension. In recent years, although the level of pension income has increased, but far below the average social wage and price increases, it is difficult to become a strong support for the actual consumption alone. On the other hand, pension enterprises are labor-intensive, labor costs rise faster. Therefore, the contradiction between the overall purchasing power of the elderly and the rapid rise in the cost of the enterprise will exist for a long time. Most older people want to show visits and other services – investigation, visits, medical care, daycare, pipeline dredge, indoor cleaning is the elderly "most wanted" service, but also the old man "to" buy "or reluctant to buy" service. A large gap in understanding the demand and usage between, not only reflects the elderly lack of purchasing power will not demand into effective demand; also shows that the development of this kind of service level is low, the elderly still cannot provide the required services, especially health care. Currently, most of the provision of home care services institutions, such as the measurement of blood pressure can be very simple operation, can hardly provide any professional medical care services. 80% old people don’t need home-based care services in the investigation of the "blue book" reveals that the reality is that most of the elderly in Beijing is to rely on themselves and their families were living, 8 percent of the elderly do not need home-based care services. The actual utilization of home care services are also maintained at about 1. In the interpretation of the results showed that home-based care services need accurate and effective propaganda force. For example, the need for meal service is not what we imagined Empty Nester, but physically disabled elderly; while only 11% of the elderly know communities can be accompanied by a doctor. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: