New wedding lost ten thousand yuan red envelopes to the wedding company claims were dismissed viper12a

The wedding the couple lost million red envelopes to the wedding company claim was dismissed many people while the Mid Autumn Festival, eleven holiday wedding, but note that the busy wedding easy to busy in error, resulting in the loss not only to the new, but also lead to disputes. In August last year, house mountain and Xiao (two human Xiaohui pseudonym) encountered a bad heart. Wedding day, the two sides of the parents gave the couple nearly two yuan a big red envelope, but the wedding company staff thought it was a fake red, on the one hand, the result of a red envelope. After the event, the couple will be married to the court of the company, the amount of 18799 yuan claims red envelopes, mental damages solatium $50000 yuan. Recently, the Fangshan court of first instance verdict, dismissed all claims of the plaintiff. According to this and Xiaogang said early last year, they selected a company named "Hi shop" for two people in Chinese Wedding Wedding Expo celebration planning, the two sides will sign the "wedding service booking agreement", agreed by the company to provide wedding planning, wedding shop, two wedding ceremony site layout and other services. Two people shop to the company to pay the service price of $18500. The plaintiff said that at the end of August last year, she and Xiao Gang’s wedding was held as scheduled. Parents in both sides of the red envelopes, two people received a total of two red envelopes from both parents, envelopes were equipped with cash of $9999 and $8800. I will then transfer to the two red bridesmaid, maid of honor took over and handed over to the custody of the wedding planning wu. Wu thought it was fake red, it did not pay more attention, conveniently placed in the wedding scene on the chair, after Wu did not see these two red envelopes. The plaintiff believes that the company provides hi shop wedding planning service for the entire wedding should be responsible for the organization and arrangement of affairs, keeping its red is due to the collateral obligation of contract, if losses, shall be liable for compensation. The plaintiff also believes that the parents at the wedding gift envelopes to show congratulations, and the donation amount is according to the China traditional choice of lucky numbers, it is not in Wu Yan, the loss as an excuse to do things carelessly, hi shop companies act against their own feelings. Accordingly, in celebration service contract and Xiao Xiaohui dispute by the hi shop company sued to court, require the company to return to its red hi shop, the amount of 18799 yuan to pay the spirit of solatium 50000 yuan. This provides the wedding video and Xiao Xiaohui to give evidence, the court, the bridesmaids, both parents and colleagues also testify to prove that the Red Cross to the wedding planning Wu, and the amount of cash are 9999 yuan and 8800 yuan. Hi shop company said, the two sides signed the contract and not about keeping red agreement, and the company before the wedding has repeatedly prompted Xiaohui and Xiao Gang, in the wedding scene to use fake red wedding props, to prevent the occurrence of the loss, so the planner received after that is false red envelopes, did not pay much attention to therefore, the red lost loss should be borne by the Xiaohui and Xiao gang. To this end, the company provides a wedding shop host’s written testimony, to prove that it had prompted two people with fake red wedding site. Defendant hi shop whether the plaintiff has the obligation to keep the red envelopes of the contract, as well as how to determine the amount of cash in the two red envelopes advocated by the plaintiffs, is the focus of controversy in this case. Method.相关的主题文章: