Nicholas Tse promised to do delicacy diet mogul Cai Lan baton calligraphy gifts (video) t420s

Nicholas Tse promised to do delicacy diet mogul Cai Lan baton calligraphy gifts Tencent entertainment news "Twelve Feng taste" (watch) since the broadcast, Nicholas Tse’s identity has been deeply rooted in the hearts of a chef, "national Chef" said. The third season of "Twelve Feng taste" premiere, the first week of Baping Guanjue Saturday for two consecutive weeks and won the first, absolutely do gratifying results of applause and popular. Feng Feng taste of the wind, bringing a new height of Nicholas Tse career. The day before yesterday to attend the activities of Nicholas, are Chinese delicacy experts, Dean Mr. Cai Lan diet baton inheritance in Taiwan, the life experience he delved into cooking baton to Nicholas Tse. Mr. Cai Cheng cut of Nicholas said: "this is a stick to you, I am happy". The scene with Nicholas Mobao "intention" two words, Nicholas Tse promised to do delicacy, and immediately and Mr. Cai Lan exchange experience delicacy. Nicholas Tse expressed great respect for Mr. Cai Lan, in his mind, Mr. Cai Lan is a walking dictionary generation diet, wit, in two people already know this before the conference, Nicholas said: "I starred in" rivers and lakes "have Feng taste invited Mr. Cai Lan to serve as a gourmet corner, then I went to shoot wine endorsements, even in the billboard breweries and saw the portrait of Mr. Cai, I was self in his billboard pictured before, came to Mr. Cai interaction at." Since three years ago "Twelve Feng taste" after the broadcast, the audience is very popular on the Nicholas Tse Xie Dachu identity falls, especially about the culinary delicacy brand, Nicholas Tse almost exclusive market endorsement, he half jokingly described it in three years as they turn the industry, now he is wearing chef uniforms more than wearing a suit the opportunity, every event invitation, customers always asked to attend activities as cook, if there were 18 hours a day, he took almost 16 hours to cook and delicacy, can treat delicacy, no wonder Mr. Cai Lan pleased the baton of Nicholas Tse. Nicholas Tse Hsu Chi his first on-screen kiss相关的主题文章: